Spazio Line by Chiarelli

The Chicureo Line from Bellagres is available in two colors, Bone and Cotto, and decorative stripes are also available. Abrasion resistance of the series is PEI 4.

Brazilian ceramic tiles were on display at Surfaces 2005, as Eliane, Portobello, Delta, Gyotoku showed their products at the Las Vegas show, which was held January 25-28.

Brazil to participate in committee for ceramic tile standards

Major international associations of ceramic tile believe that it will be necessary to unify ISO standards and tests to increase the demand for the product.

From 2005 on Brazil is part of the international committee that will analyze the standardization of tests and the ISO standards for ceramic tile. This is the first time that the country is participating in this meeting, which was held in January in Mexico through Anfacer, the Brazilian Association of Ceramic Tile Producers. This committee includes the major producers of the world: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, France, United States and Ceramie-Unie, which represents the European community.

The United States is interested in having this unification of tests and strandards of the world. Although the U.S. has its own standards, ISO standards will serve as a worldwide basis, making it easy to compare any product from anywhere it comes. The United States produces about 600 million square feet of tile and consumed about 3 billion square feet in 2004. Thus it will be very interesting to evaluate the performance of every product through the same pattern.

These efforts are considered very healthy for improving the market says the U.S. Tile Board and Assopiastrelle, the ceramic tile manufacturers' association of Italy.

The Eliane Worldwide office in São Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil's exports reached $340 million in 2004

According to Anfacer, Brazilian ceramic tile industry has reached its best result in the past ten years. Exports reached more than $340 million in 2004. From January to November the exact figure is U.S. $313 million, 38 percent higher than during the same period of 2003. The net volume exported reached more than 1.25 billion square feet of ceramic tile, which means an increase of 24 percent compared to 2003. The main countries buying Brazilian tiles are: the United States, Canada, South Afica, Chile, Puerto Rico, the U.K. and Australia among many others. Data collected by Secex, Secretary of Export Commerce from Brazil, has detected the first orders from European countries such as Hungaria and African nations such as Nigeria and Zimbabue. With these figures, the production and export goals were achieved by the Brazilian ceramic tile industry, which is estimated will produce 5.6 billion square feet in 2005.

Eliane opens its worldwide office in São Paulo

The Brazilian branch of Eliane Ceramic Tiles, the bigggest tile industry of the Americas, chose one of the biggest cities in Latin America to have its new office. With a new concept, Eliane Worldwide São Paulo offers a complete infrastructure: events, a showroom with 100 percent of the products manufactured by the company and offices to serve clients from everywhere in the world. Eliane's new worldwide address has many business rooms for personal executive, management and commercial meetings with its foreign clients.

The address is: Rua Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães Júnior, 758 • 9º floor • Itaim Bibi • São Paulo • SP • Fone: (11) 2122-7272 • Fax: (11) 2122-7307 •

Porcellanto Pietra Portinari tile is being used in GM stores nationwide.

Porcellanato Pietra Portinari used by GM and Toyota in U.S.

All General Motors stores that sell Cadillac, Saab and Hummer, and also the stores that sell Toyota are using ceramic porcelain tile from Portinari. The product chosen was Crema Valencia Satin, 18-by-35 inches from Marmi Line, of Porcellanato Pietra Portinari series. More than 1,000 square feet in these stores covered facades and internal walls of the buildings. The company that was responsible for the project and specification of the product was Pantheon Floor Solutions, from Texas; the regional manager from Cecrisa group is Brent Shick. This porcelain tile has a very high stain and abrasion resistance and is indicated for residential and commercial areas with intense traffic such as shopping centers.