Travertino Romano

Street series
When Eliane North America moved to its new facility in Carrollton, Texas, it was done with a great deal of planning prior to the relocation. Not only was this new location accessible to three major highways. The facility was twice as big and had three times the number of loading docks in comparison to the previous location. With expanded office space, larger and more sophisticated inventory management, more docks for on- and off-loading of materials and easier access to major thoroughfares, all of this and more collectively helped Eliane better support its growing distribution channels across the North American continent.

"We more than doubled the size and capabilities we had in our last facility," said Edson Gaidzinski, Jr., General Manager of Eliane North America. "This never would have been possible without the continued business from our valued customers."

Eliane had to make this relocation in order to have the right facility to service the burgeoning business with its clientele. The firm's sales in North America for 2005 will eclipse those made the previous year by nearly 40 percent!

Where did all this business come from? Why are all the customers so loyal? How did a Brazilian tile manufacturer who moved to the states roughly 15 years ago become so unbelievably successful here in North America? The answer is very simple: Eliane listens to the marketplace. And then, Eliane responds.

Eliane knew that the material of the future would be porcelain. So, Eliane became the first South American manufacturer to produce pure porcelain tile. Eliane continues to be the largest supplier of porcelain materials to that entire continent.

Eliane was one of the first factories in the world to be certified ISO 9002 for its role in being "green." Today, this commitment is so strong, that the firm has made a major commitment that its factories strongly comply to environmental standards, that products are designed to be recyclable and made with natural materials.

Eliane continues to bring to market products which are in demand. Newer product lines such as Neo, Street, Villas and Habitat are not only manufactured with the highest quality; they are designed with a special aesthetic awareness that brings to the North American end-user a very upbeat, contemporary "look." And last, Eliane is very focused on making its distributors as successful as possible.

Eliane is a world-leading, top-quality tile manufacturer. But Eliane is also a firm that does business the right way. Unlike many other non-domestic firms who bring their materials to North America, Eliane has learned over the years that to be successful in North America, its people, its products and its programs must "speak North American." Customers are continually impressed and reinforced by the way Eliane North America does business the way it is done in the States and Canada.

We have energy. In product development, in customer service and in sales. We have the endurance to do whatever it takes to get the job done. And, to do it right.