Elements Bathroom

Four Seasons Kitchen
Gainey Ceramics a leading designer and manufacturer of fine ceramic planters, proudly introduces Gainey Tile, the latest product line from this historic California-based company.

Gainey Ceramics for more than fifty years has been an innovating force in the manufacturing of high-end ceramic planters. Starting as a small job shop in Inglewood, CA. just down the street from Los Angeles International Airport, the company began as a producer of crockery and pet feeders. By the late ‘50s Gainey began adding to its crockery production with ceramic planters sold to the retail garden nurseries across the country. With the growth of the interior plant industry, Gainey pioneered functional, interesting plant containers becoming the choice of professional architects, landscapers, interior and exterior designers. Enduring as a California manufacturer of the finest quality handcrafted ceramic planters available, the company continues to respond to the challenges of the design community with new and evolving product innovations.

As Gainey Ceramics moves forward, continuing a proud tradition as the leading innovative force in our industry, we take great pride in our introduction of Gainey Ceramic Tile.

Gainey Tile springs from decades of ceramic manufacturing, combining the ancient art of ceramics with the technological advances of today. Gainey Ceramics has devoted years translating the finest techniques of tile production and glaze application to create a ceramic tile division capable of creating stunning decorative moldings and a wide range of modular field sizes.

Gainey Tiles debut line is appropriately called "Four Seasons". This initial tile offering evokes the romance of early California. Additional lines into the market place from Gainey Ceramics are Elements, made from a white clay body with more architectural shapes, Florentine, made from a red clay body with an "old world" grace and Legacy, made from a yellow clay body inspired by Africa. We have purposely developed these tile collections from different clay bodies to provide unique looks for all styles and tastes the consumer and designer are looking for.

Gainey Tile, poised to take its place as the leading force in ceramic tile manufacturing by offering unique looks, with great service and superior lead times. Call us today at 800-451-8155 for a catalog of products.