CST/Berger, a division of The Stanley Works, offers a broad range of laser layout and measuring tools for construction/flooring professionals. Providing innovation and consistently superior products with the latest features makes our brands the right choice for professional laser tools.

As the Precision Measuring Division of Stanley, CST/Berger has once again revolutionized the industry with new and innovative laser measuring and layout tools. To be the best in class, you need job experience and quality tools. CST/Berger gives you both. Performance, quality and reliability are built in to our instruments. Whether you are installing wood, carpet, or tile flooring, we have the tools that can increase both productivity and accuracy.

A New Generation of Professional Laser Tools
Introducing a family of Stanley Fatmax Laser Tools. The Stanley FatMax TLM100 is the first true laser measuring product under $100 retail. The TLM100 provides +/-1/4-inch accuracy at 100 feet by actually measuring the laser light travel distance- unlike sonic measurers.

Cut away at costs- not tiles
Quick and reliable measurement for estimating; consider the large number of individual dimensions involved in a tiled bathroom building module. Take on such projects with total confidence, knowing that you have the technology to provide results in half the time.

Technology that gives you the red carpet treatment
Time is valuable commodity for any professional. Eliminate the more inconvenient tasks associated with the measurement for floor installing. Cumbersome and repetitive tasks such as stooping for measurements can now be eliminated. Reduce your time spent measuring by a third of the time.

The TLM100 is one of three measurers in the TLM laser family of products. The Stanley FatMax TLM200 is a step up for the professional. Quickly calculate distances, area, volume, with an added feature of simple Pythagorean and tracking. If you're a true professional/surveyor, the Stanley FatMax TLM300 is designed with more features and accuracy of ±1/16-inch at 100 feet with up to a 600-foot working range. Features include: calculating distances, area, volume, Pythagorean, tracking, trapezoid measuring, memory, and history.

Increase your level of professionalism with a lightweight, portable measuring device. The uncertainty of measurement is eliminated as the TLM emits a distinct red laser point. It is as simple as point and click with confidence. Visit www.cstsurvey.com or www.stanleytools.com, or call 1-800-435-1859 for more information.