August Nut

Caledonia Beige
At Keraben we work hard to gain your trust day by day. For more than 30 years, we have been making every effort to offer you the widest and newest range of ceramic wall and floor tiles on the market. Premises of 250,000 square meters, the most advanced technology and a workforce of more than 700 employees are all at your service to help or assess you and, definitively, to make you life just that little bit easier. From Spain, we export our products to more than 120 countries on the five continents, arriving wherever you are, to be closer to you. At Keraben you have found someone that you can trust.

Keraben presents its Porcelain Tile collection, a collection that brings together various series combining the best raw materials and the latest technological advances. This reunion sees the resurgence of beautiful, eternal materials such as stone, quartzite, marble and slate, recreating unique, natural areas with a wide range of textures and colours.

Keraben Porcelain Tile is the result of intense research and the application of cutting edge technologies. A special porcelain flooring tile, it has excellent quality, low water absorption and a compactness and hardness that greatly exceed the most rigorous tests.

Series such as Augusta or Caledonia reveal the naturalness inherent in stone as a result of the application of a revolutionary technology. With this technique, the decoration is applied over the piece´s entire surface, even on its edges. Thanks to this process, each piece has its own identity and its full beauty is can be appreciated.

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