U.S. imports of ceramic tile have granted Brazil the second position in 2004 and the projections show these figures shall maintain or increase about 10 percent in 2005. Brazilian producers had developed special products to reach US demands and are investing in services as well. Even if the exchange rate is bad for these industries, they are strongly committed to meeting the needs of this important market. You can find a dazzling array of products coming from Brazilian producers. Have a look of what has been presented in late 2005, predicting the trends for 2006.

Portinari: Pedras Brasileiras Line
The inspiration for this line came from three typical Brazilian rock formations. The "rocks" theme is a theme deeply rooted in the tradition of ceramic coverings. This line adds unique features to this theme through its interpretations of these Brazilian stones: Black, Rust, Itaibezinho Gray and Santomé White. Each one of these three colors has its own individual relief and texture. The special pieces were inspired by graphics techniques and a mixture of materials such as sand jet and stones, in addition to incision mosaics. It comes in 45-by-45-cm format and is recommended for outside covered areas - verandas and balconies, commercial settings and residences.

Portobello presents City Line
Allusive to concrete, extremely compact, resistant to heavy loads and to sudden temperature variations, in addition to cleaning ease, the City Line is ideal for contemporary architectural applications. With neutral surfaces and straight shapes, City is versatile - it may be used both in busy-traffic commercial spaces and residential spaces - always providing them with a bold aspect. The 60-by-60-cm and 60-by-120-cm dimensions render the pieces appropriate for large environments and the colors are cement variations, an icon of the present days: Caramel, Cement, Fendi, Off White and Straw.

Eliane introduces "Street"
Eliane is introducing its new porcelain series, "Street." This innovative series reflects modern-urban appeal that is applicable for both interior and exterior settings. "Street" is provided in three stylish colors that were inspired by glamorous city buildings: black, cement, and sand. All colors are available in a natural finish that presents this porcelain series with a contemporary appearance. "These series has a highly textured surface that is perfect for commercial applications, but is still appropriate for residential use," said Marcio Muller of Eliane. "It has a slip-resistance for floors and is beautiful for walls as well." Large format tiles in sizes 18-by-36 inches and 24-by-24 inches are available in the "Street" series to create the appearance of a larger space. "Street" can be used for any wall and floor applications and in all environments such as gyms, schools, hospitals, malls, and more. It's also a great collection for outdoors.

Antigua presents "Pandas" on ceramic tile
Ceramic Tile Trends, Inc., the exclusive North American importer of the Cerâmica Antigua collection, has introduced "Pandas," a new tile line featuring pandas at play. Each tile is hand-painted to portray the carefree life of pandas. One may choose from six panda illustrations including tile that simply displays bamboo leaves in the corners. Green and tan bamboo tiles are also offered in the same sizes, as well as corner pieces and borders of identical colors. The borders are offered in sizes of 2-by-5 2/3 inches and 1-by-4 1/8 inches.

"The green and tan bamboo adds beautiful detail to the ‘Pandas' tile scene," said CTT's Suzy Krepinsky. "It gives a striking and exotic look to the tile."

Officina Brasil a choice for mosaics
This new company achieved the state of art in Brazilian exotic mosaics indicated to compose warm and cheerful surroundings. According to Manoel Ferreira, CCM of the company: "We have worked for years till we've got the possibility of making such a specialized product with high levels of quality," he states. Besides the hundreds of models of its catalogue, Officina Brasil can produce designs on demand, so you can have unique products.

Revestir 2006 adds more Features
On December 8, Revestir 2006 was officially launched by Anfacer for the exhibitors. The new fair director, Lauro Andrade Filho, pointed that Revestir in its fourth edition added important features. First was the creation of a new concept for the fair emphasizing the warm commercial atmosphere for doing business in a pleasant place. Revestir will focus on the main targets: distributors, specifiers and builders. Each of these audiences will find what they are looking for. The Forum of Architecture and Construction has been rebuilt accordingly. On the other hand Revestir has invested in its international diffusion, advertising in more than 30 specialized medias all over the world, besides a direct diffusion on the main events of the ceramic sector.

"This is a fair where the American buyer will find exclusive launchings before its competition does it at Coverings," states Andrade Filho.