Vanesa E. McIntosh, export manager of Ilva Ceramica S.A., died Aug. 21, following a battle with cancer that lasted more than a year. Prior to her position with the Argentine tile manufacturer, she was commercial director for a North American shipping and logistics company located in Argentina. She also spent two and a half years in a similar capacity in South Africa.

Fluent in Spanish, English and some Italian, McIntosh is remembered for her unique, proactive work techniques and a trained soprano voice which she would use to great effect at company gatherings. Colleagues, friends and family recall her as both a hard worker and the life of the party.

"Nobody could have learned the tile business as quickly as did Vanesa," stated Mario Klappholz of Ceramic Consulting Corp., Ilva's Southeastern sales organization. "She was so bright, so talented and so positive. The industry has lost a great person."

Growing up in Argentina, McIntosh attended a Scottish school that emphasized bilingual education. Her schooling included undergraduate studies with a double major of engineering and theology. While working at Ilva, much of her time was spent with customers in the United States, Ilva's number one export partner.