Rock & Natural series

Rock & Rock Montana series
The entire Rock&Rock collection presents a three-dimensional finish and has high technical and functional benefits as: durability, is frost-resistant, does not wear out, is ecological, easy to clean and does not need maintenance.

The marvellous union of technology and aesthetics created Rock & Rock. The exceptional looks and finish, together with the use of the latest porcelain production technology provides a collection of products highly adapted to be installed in any indoor or outdoor setting where the emphasis is on design and technical performance.

The Rock & Rock collection, including the series: Natural, Lavagna Negro, Quartz Ocre, Pietra Serena Gris, Cadí Negro, York Gris, Rapolano Beige, Sandstone Arena, Montana and Travertino Crema. has been extended with the new concept "Tallado" meaning cut or shaped. The "Tallado" process consists in that each piece is cut up before entering the kiln allowing great flexibility in sizes and the simultaneous firing results into perfect, natural products. The current Roca program consists of 5 sizes, spanning from the very big 120-by-60cm (48-by-24-inch) to a 30-by-30cm (12-by-24-inch). The series offering big sizes (120cm-by-60cm) are Sandstone Arena, Quartz Ocre, Pietra Serena Gris, Lavagna Negro, Travertino Crema, York Gris.

Furthermore Roca offers a number of sophisticated solutions for applications with Rock & Rock on ventilated façades. A ventilated façade is like an ecological skin that makes buildings more comfortable and beautiful. It gives them a clean look as well as energy savings of up to 25 percent, providing insulation (against the weather, avoiding the creation of damp spots and cracks), and acoustic protection. In remodelling, it provides for a perfect finish, correcting the irregularities of the original façade. Utilities can be easily checked, as the installations housed in the air chamber are hidden and protected, but at the same time accessible.

The attachment system (visible, overlaid, or hidden) consists of the placement of ceramic pieces of up to 120-by-60 (48 inches-by-24 inches) on an aluminium structure that has been previously attached to the existing façade. The ceramic pieces are attached to the structure mechanically, not requiring any sticking material or grouting.

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