Kashmir Jaipur Red

Kashmir Maui Beige
The ceramic tile industry has become incredibly competitive over the last few years. In order to stay ahead of the pack, today's tile manufacturers must closely follow and anticipate the latest in design trends, styles, colors, and technological advancements. A perfect example of what can be achieved by doing so is Interceramic Tile and Stone Gallery's new Kashmir Stone series. A glazed, colored-body porcelain tile, this product actually exceeds the performance and aesthetic qualities of the material that inspired it - multicolor Indian slate. With a rich, warm palette of color blends, a luxurious collection of decorative accents, textures that recall the most rustic-looking natural slates in the world, and a plethora of trim pieces that will accommodate virtually any installation plan, Kashmir Stone represents the forefront of what our industry is capable of producing.

After establishing a strong retail and manufacturing in presence in Mexico though their nearly 250 retail outlets, Interceramic began establishing itself in the United States ceramic tile industry in 1988 in Dallas, Texas. In the course of servicing its own independent distributors, Interceramic opened several wholesale stores / design centers in the Dallas, El Paso, and San Antonio areas. By coupling products manufactured by Interceramic with a collection of imported tiles from Italy, Spain, and numerous other countries, Interceramic developed a unique operation among American ceramic tile manufacturers/distributors.

This approach to tile distribution proved popular and allowed Interceramic to expand their system rapidly, covering the majority of Texas (including the Dallas, Houston, Austin and Fort Worth areas) and opening in the busy Atlanta, Georgia area. Next, Interceramic focused their efforts on growing to the west of Texas, starting with Phoenix (including a satellite store in Scottsdale) and Las Vegas. To fill in the gaps and remain superior to other manufacturers in customer service, Interceramic opened new locations in Albuquerque, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. As growth continued, Interceramic opened state-of-the-art facilities in Denver, McAllen, San Diego, and Sacramento. Interceramic also offers 2 west coast distribution points in Anaheim and Manteca, California for Interceramic customers.

By combining the world's finest imported ceramic tile and porcelain tiles with the entire Interceramic product line (which in itself is a complete package of floor and wall tile), Interceramic Tile & Stone Gallery has established itself as the premier distributor of ceramic tile and tile-related products in the United States. Staying ahead of consumer trends by offering a broad selection of porcelain tile and creating one of the largest selections of natural stone in the industry today, Interceramic is, without exaggeration, the best the world has to offer.

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