"Why sell dangerous chemicals when you can make $400/hr instead?"
Making tile/stone floors non-slip requires a professional. Hazardous chemicals should not be a do-it-yourself project. Slip Tech now offers the tile industry a complete and profitable system for you to cash in on. This tile/stone service delivers significant benefits to the customer and provides you with smart and profitable addition to your business. Slip Tech handles the selling, training, provides the product and handles the billings/collections...and you get $400/hour.

Take action to make wet surfaces safer!
Slip Tech is the industry leader in non-slip technology. Our unique process creates a coefficient of friction far exceeding the A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines. Slip Tech can be applied to any existing natural stone such as ceramic, granite, marble, and quarry tile floors. Our safety floor treatment is also extremely effective on porcelain surfaces such as bath tubs and shower floors. One treatment will last up to 10 years.

Because the Slip Tech process is not a coating, there is nothing which could wear off. Our product microscopically roughens the surface of the tile which miraculously makes the floor safer wet than when dry. Please email Brain@sliptech.com