TAVY Enterprises, LLC,is proud to unveil its newest tile setting aide, TAVY Thin-Skin 2-Part Underlayment System. TAVY Thin-Skin 2-Part Underlayment System allows both seasoned professionals and first time do-it-yourselfer's to set tile over any sound surface. The TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment is simply trimmed to size and glued to the existing surface, using TAVY #007 Glue, to create a surface suitable for setting tile, marble, granite or other natural stone. No more tearing up old flooring or countertops; now simply apply the TAVY Thin-Skin 2-Part Underlayment System and tile right over the old surface. There is also no waste with this Thin-Skin System since all pieces of TAVY Thin-Skin are usable regardless of shape or size. You will never need to buy special nails or screws and you will no longer have a dusty mess to clean up. Please refer to the TAVY Website (www.tavytools.com) for more information on this one-of-a-kind product and other truly unique tile setting tools from TAVY Enterprises, LLC.