According to its website, Una Terra has one mission: "To constantly seek out the world's most beautiful tiles, designed by the most creative innovators, utilizing the very latest technologies. We then deliver them to you, the fastest and safest way possible." Una Terra's commitment to providing exceptionally high quality tile lines stems from its knowledge and experience within both the tile and stone and kitchen and bath industry.

The company is divided into various departments and divisions, including Inside Sales, Customer Service, Dealer Representatives, Architectural Specification, Interior Design, and more.

Included in Una Terra's portfolio is Eliane's Amazonika series, with coconut and bamboo liners presented with mosaics and decorative pieces. Also available are collections from expert manufacturers such as: Ker-Av, Steuler-Fliesen, Cotto Pasagno, Studio Prima, as well as many other high quality tile producers. With an ensemble such as this, customers are able to find the exact high-end material they are looking for.

In addition to exceptional customer service, Una Terra also has professional sales representatives who are completely focused on the industry. Constant communication between Una Terra and its sales staff ensures that the customer will always be informed on the latest market information.

All orders through Una Terra are professionally handled by the company's Supply Chain Management. Everything is tracked from the moment the tile is picked up in its country of origin, to the warehouse and onto its final destination within the US and Canada.

Lastly and equally as important, Una Terra has a talented, diverse and savvy team that is committed to the needs of the customer. Their passion lies in conducting a reliable, trustworthy company that allows customers to afford the luxury of possessing "the most beautiful tile in the world."