Jupiter is a double-pressed porcelain that provides a natural stone look with the added benefits of greater hardness and resistance to staining and freezing.

Yucatan is one of the many floor and wall combinations in the Laufen product offering.
Laufen is a leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile. The company was founded on July 4, 1892, with the construction of a brick factory in Basel, Switzerland. Today, Laufen continues to build on its rich history of European design and cutting-edge technology.

Laufen's superior technology is evident in its double-pressed porcelain product called Stone Evolution, which replicates the look of natural stone. Typical ceramic tile is pressed, glazed and then sent to the kiln. With Stone Evolution, the tile is pressed, glazed and then pressed for a second time before going to the kiln. The second press not only produces the appearance of natural stone, but it also seals the surface. As a result, the poclain has lower water absorption.

While the product might resemble natural stone in appearance, Stone Evolution is superior in many ways. Compared to natural stone, it is less porous, has greater hardness and mechanical resistance and has greater resistance to staining and freezing. It is a perfect marriage of strength and beauty-a product that is ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

Laufen continues its market leadership by providing additional value-added programs to distributors and dealers, such as Laufen Plus+. The Laufen Plus+ Program was developed to offer a marketing and merchandising program to dealers that focus their efforts toward the retail segment of the marketplace. With nearly 2,000 participating dealers, the successful program provides merchandising and marketing tools with additional incentive programs.

The Laufen builder program called Laufen Home provides home builders and contractors with the tools needed in the selection of ceramic and porcelain tile. Organized at different price points, Laufen Home combines products, pricing, sampling, service and incentives into a program organized to meet the needs of home builders and their commitment to the homeowner.

Laufen is headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, along with its sister company United States Ceramic Tile Company. Both are part of Roca, a leading manufacturer of ceramic tile and sanitaryware. Visit the website at www.laufenusa.com or call toll-free (800) 321-0684 for more information.