StoneImpressions presents a new line of handcrafted murals, borders, accents and trims (including Kuprios). Using a patented process combining digital imaging and printing, graphics are faithfully reproduced on Tumbled Botticino, Durango, Unfilled Light and Noce Travertine stones, resulting in vibrant murals, the company says.

Wholesale Tile
Wholesale Tile & Accessories has debuted a line of handmade sinks covered with hand-painted birds, butterflies and twining flowers. The versatile designs and styles are crafted for both under-mount and vessel applications. Custom designs and complementing hand-painted tiles are also offered.

Cider Press Pottery
Cider Press Pottery introduces the newest edition to its Tile As Art line, The Fan Cut Collection. Break out of the square tile blues with this low fire earthenware, etched tile. All are hand made on the coast of Maine. With over 30 collections to choose from, there is something for every one.

M.E. Tile
M.E. Tile, based in Hammond, Ind., makes a range of hand-painted, custom and art tiles in more than 700 designs - from classical and geometric motifs to "standard fruit baskets," the company says. Arabic tile comes in more than 160 colors, including two metallics.

Domani Tile
Domani Tile introduces new glass tiles and vanity tops. Domani products feature a patent-pending process: Italian polymers are laminated onto the glass, resulting in a unique, vibrant look. Quarter-inch annealed glass tiles come in 4 and 8 inch squares. Half-inch annealed glass vanity tops come in three sizes.

B.A. Schmidt Arts
B.A. Schmidt Arts makes porcelain relief tiles based on classic fairy tale illustrations. Each tile is hand-pressed in an original mold. "Red Riding Hood Picking Flowers," one of the company's designs, is inspired by the work of British illustrator Walter Crane.

Surving Studios
Surving Studios of Middletown, N.Y., presents a new line of porcelain Tile Appliques. The series includes 2-foot sea turtles, giant starfish, large rainforest trees and cascading fountains. A life-size nude figure of "Eve" in paradise is also available, in four different cultural versions, the company says.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia! makes a range of hand-painted tiles and backsplashes for kitchens and baths. The company's newest design is Raindrops, a ceramic tile sprinkled with fused glass droplets. Mamma Mia! also introduces new metallic finish designs. Circle 188 on the Reader Inquiry Card.