Hand-painted tiles from the ceramic tile industry in Spain embody tradition and craftsmanship, adding warmth and charm to any setting.

The Gaya Loft Series, enameled 17 –by-7-inch porcelain pieces, come in contemporary graphite or rustic sandalwood. Stainless steel minimalist accessories such as steel decoration tile strips, steel decorated parts, skirting and board are also available.
Whether it's a floor or wall installation in a commercial or residential setting, Tile of Spain branded manufacturers have decorative and functional inserts to customize any design. Manufacturers from Spain carry on the tradition of beautiful, hand-painted accent pieces while embracing innovation and contemporary design with metallic inserts. Glass tiles and mosaics offer another design option for a unique installation.

Spain's innovation in the production of ceramic tile allows for extensive detail and craftsmanship in accent tiles, whether they are dust-pressed or extruded, red or white-bodied, glazed or hand-painted. In addition to ceramic, Spain's design development has expanded to include metal and glass, especially as inserts.

Inserts and decorative pieces are the perfect touch to personalize a kitchen backsplash, bathroom, pool, spa, or patio. In a commercial setting, accents can be used to craft a unique reception desk or to create an interesting foyer floor that reflects the nature and style of the business.

Glass tiles from Tile of Spain manufacturers add a splash of color to indoor or outdoor applications. They’re the perfect accent for pools, spas, backsplashes and shower walls.
Tailor a new space or update an existing space with a contemporary combination of metal and glass inserts set in a field of ceramic. Use metallic inserts with natural stone look tile for an urban edge or to differentiate one space from another in an open floor plan. Mix decorative tiles with a relief design with glazed terracotta for an up-to-date traditional feel. A field of contemporary tile surrounded by a border of rustic hand-painted tiles will create an eclectic environment. Metal and glass listelos can work double duty as a bold border or chair rail set into wall tiles.

For a one-of-a-kind custom inset, manufacturers from Spain are using water jet technology to incise a graphic design into tile. This allows designers to create any design - a logo, geometric shape or even text - to suit their client. Apavisa and Rosa Gres are just two manufacturers from Spain who use this technique to create unusual and exclusive motifs.

Decorative hand-painted tiles
For old world charm, the San Remy Amarillo Series by Ceramica Decorativa is sure to warm any kitchen with 4 -by-4-inch hand-painted decorative tiles. The San Remy Series also comes in Azul. For the artiste, Ceramica Decorativa produces the Gaudi Series inspired by the trencadis works of Antoni Gaudi. The terracotta tiles, available in 8-by-8-inch and 8 -by-3-inch sizes, feature inlaid mosaic designs of hand-painted floral and geometric patterns. The Gaudi Series also offers 12-by-6-inch mosaics. Another interesting accent piece is Natucer's Estelar Floral, a star shaped 2 -by-2-inch accent tile. Natucer also offers a variety of hand-painted floral and decorative designs such as Tiberio Tarraco, Ofiuco Moka, Signoria and Oton in a range of sizes: 6-by-6-, 4 -by-4-, 5-by-5- and 6-by-6 inches.

The Classica Collection by Ceramicalcora presents the Goa Series, 20 –by-20-inch tiles with decorative metallic inserts.
Metallic Inserts
Metallic inserts add a contemporary edge to designs. The Ribera Series by Grespania offers stylish function with a metallic rack system that supports hooks and rods for organizing a space. White body 10 -by-15.75-inch wall tiles in Blanco, Beige, Negro, Marron and Gris combine with functional metallic accents. Ceramica Gaya's Loft Series, enameled 7-by-17-inch porcelain pieces, come in contemporary graphite or rustic sandalwood. Stainless steel minimalist accessories such as decorative steel tile strips and skirting are also available. The Classica Collection by Ceramicalcora offers the Goa Series in 20-by-20-inch tiles with decorative metallic inserts.

Glass Accents
Glass tiles are a colorful way to add pizzazz to any design by integrating them with neutral tiles or in a space of their own. Tres Estilos offers 4 -by-4-inch tiles in a range of colors: black, silver, orange, yellow, red and a variety of blues.

The 1-by-1-inch glass pieces produced by Onix, available in a rainbow of hues, are perfect for creating a mosaic for interior or exterior applications. These small tiles can be integrated into a field of larger format pieces for a custom border or randomly placed throughout a wall or floor installation to add interest. Onix also offers ready to install mesh backed mosaics. Extremely low water absorption rates make Onix glass tiles a perfect accent for pools and spas. Ceramica Decorativa also offers decorative designs in glass as well as ceramic.

Inserts and decorative pieces in ceramic, glass and metal from Tile of Spain branded manufacturers blend beautifully with field tiles to create a unique and truly custom design in any setting. For more about tile produced in Spain, contact Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Call 305-446-4387 or visit www.spaintiles.info.

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer's Association (ASCER) is the private organization whose primary objective is to support Spain's ceramic tile manufacturers and the industry as a whole by stewarding and promoting the Tile of Spain brand worldwide. A strong global leader in the industry, the Tile of Spain brand comprises 220 manufacturers concentrated primarily in the province of Castellon.