Marca Corona presents Elite, a full-body colored porcelain stoneware available in two versions, natural and honed. Elite is inspired by Crème d’Algerie natural stone, and is available in Ivory, Crème, Gold, Red and Grey with rectified edges.

One Way from Rex
More than 98,000 visitors attended Cersaie 2004, an increase of 1.6 percent over last year. Foreign attendance increase sharply, up 4.9 percent from 2003, with 25,706 international visitors. The show, which was held Sept. 28 through Oct. 3 in Bologna, Italy, is one of the most important international shows for ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, as more than 1,000 top ceramic manufacturers from across the world debut their latest products, setting style and design trends for the coming year. Presented here are some of the many outstanding new ceramic tile products on display at Cersaie 2004.

One Way white-body wall and floor tiles are new from Rex. One Way is inspired by the style of painter Tamara de Lempicka, and is meant to recreate the look of sculpted brushstrokes. Delicate colors, gold, silver and flesh tones are all available in the line.

Alaplana's Rapolano series

Alaplana's Rapolano series is a glazed porcelain collection inspired by stone. It is offered in a wide range of sizes including 12-by-12-, 18-by-18-, 6-by-6-, and 12-by-18 inches. Specialty pieces round out the series. Rapolano is available in gray, beige and ivory.

Laufen Equinox

Laufen introduces Equinox floor, wall and countertop tile. Equinox's moderate shade variation and earth colors of Sage, Sienna and Nocce are offered in 6-by-6-, 12 1/4-by-12 1/4- and 17 1/2-by 17 1/2-inch sizes. A full array of trim rounds out the series.

Fap Ceramiche's Crea

Fap Ceramiche presents Crea, a new collection of large rectified ceramic tiles for walls and floors. Available in two sizes and nine colors for walls (Ambra, Miele, Vaniglia, Cobalto, Azzurro, Perla, Cannella, Rosa and Cipria), and one size and six colors (Ambra, Miele, Cobalto, Azzurro, Cannella and Rosa) for floors, Crea also offers a range of decorative trim pieces to complement the tile.

Alfa Ceramica's Alabastrino series

Alfa Ceramica's Alabastrino series, from its Ano Collection, is an elegant, rich, polished glazed porcelain tile in ivory, beige or walnut. Available in 20-by-20- and 13-by-13-inch sizes, Alabastrino is suitable for medium commercial and all residential applications.

Ariostea's Crema Luna

Ariostea's high-tech stone Crema Luna emulates a variety of limestone found in Turkey and is characterized by soft, beige-hazelnut shades with a light tone-on-tone veining pattern. The stone is available in two surface finishes - one satin finish and the other lightly textured - in sizes ranging from 6-by-6 to 24-by-24 inches.

Vitrum Opus by Ceramgres

Vitrum Opus by Ceramgres is a glass tile molded to obtain a pillow-soft satin finish, presented in 12 colors. It is available in multiple sizes, including 24-by-16-, 16-by-16-, 8-by-16-, and 8-by-8 inches.

Portobello Limestone

Portobello Limestone is a tile inspired by French limestone. The discreet design and contemporary colors are meant for use in both commercial and residential applications. Limestone is available in three sizes and three colors - Thenac Stone (beige), Avalon Stone (gray) and Blue Stone (black). The line also includes special finishing pieces.

The Newstone collection by Apavisa

The Newstone collection by Apavisa comprises non-glazed tile with non-beveled edges. Featured in anthracite, gray, mink, beige and ivory, the collection is available in 24-by-24-, 18-by-18-, 12-by-12- and 12-by-24-inch sizes.

Cerim's Ritz

Cerim has created Ritz, a white-body tile inspired by leather. The delicate white and cream shades have been combined with touches of brighter refined color. Ritz is available in a rectified version in 12 1/2-by-19 inches for walls and 12 1/2-by-12 1/2 inches for floors, and in a traditional version in 13-by-19 1/2 inches for walls and 13-by-13 inches for floors.

Ardesia from Inalco

Ardesia from Inalco is a glazed porcelain tile line available in 10 sizes. Ardesia is complemented with mesh-mounted mosaics and a wide range of specialty pieces.

Elios Ceramica d'Arredamento's Riflessi Mediterranei

Elios Ceramica d'Arredamento presents Riflessi Mediterranei, a new range of furnishing tiles for the bathroom and kitchen. Byzantine, Roman, Arabian and Baroque designs inspire these ceramics, designed to offer options for traditional to modern installations.

Marazzi's Fashion series

Marazzi presents its Fashion series of high-style monocuttura and gres porcelain tile. Available in coordinating wall and floor tile sizes, Fashion is available in Fuscia, Blu, Nero, Bianco, Beige, Rosa and Azzurro. Other new series from Marazzi include Urban, Woods and Muri.

Feel from Caesar

Feel is the new collection from Caesar, incorporating porcelain stoneware in cutting-edge colors and patterns. The range is composed of seven colors in two sizes. A large set of border tiles and decorations increases the compositional possibilities.

Panaria's Stoneboard

Panaria's Stoneboard conveys a natural look in its reproduction of multicolored and layered natural clay origin stones. Stoneboard comes in five shades (Mikri, Maui, Ginco, Sunset Beach and Petrol Cove) and three sizes, with borders, fretwork, decors and special coordinating pieces.

The Urban Series from Adex

The Urban Series from Adex caters to modern design with its diamonds and dots. Available in flat, trellis, pillowed and beveled finishes, the Urban Series includes a wide range of special matching pieces.

Ceramica Vogue's Linea Vetro

Ceramica Vogue offers its Linea Vetro tile. These extra-light-colored glass tiles are given a mat finish. The product line is meant for cladding as well as a decorative element. Linea Vetro is available in multiple sizes and colors.

Val D'Orcia from Edilgres Sirio

Val D'Orcia from Edilgres Sirio is a glazed porcelain stoneware tile with a textured surface. There are five colors available - Contignano, Montepulciano, Pienza, Campiglia and Monticchiello - in four sizes, one which is octagonal.

Florida Tile's EpicStone

Florida Tile introduces EpicStone, a classic tile that has been revitalized for the modern age. The series is available in modular sizes of 6.5-by-6.5, 6.5-by-13 and 13-by-13 inches.

Cristal Ceramicas' Regina series

Cristal Ceramicas' Regina series is a red-body tile in a 10-by-16-inch format. Handmade and hand-painted decorative inserts, borders and capping complement the line. Regina tile is available in white, ochre, gold, gray and noce.

Rondine Group's Kromatica RHS

Rondine Group presents Kromatica RHS, a colored-body porcelain styoneware collection available in five sizes and a mosaic. Designed for floors and walls, Kromatica RHS is available in Cream, Ivory, Forest, Cherry, Coral, Raven, Avio, Ash and Sunny.