The Cromo Series from Ceracasa is made up of tiles that combine past and future sensibilities.

Inspired by natural gems, The Geoda Collection by Gres Rustico Ebro contains earthenware pieces with small, glass-colored inlays.

Tile of Spain kicked off its 2005 calendar year of industry shows at Cevisama, February 8-12. At Spain's premier industry show, manufacturers took the opportunity to debut new product launches and demonstrate the latest technology that has brought forth cutting-edge designs. As always, ceramic tile was the most important sector represented at Cevisama with more than 50 percent of the show dedicated to the tile category.

Tile of Spain member companies launched numerous product lines, introduced new materials, and presented tiles reflective of the latest trends and technical methods. Throughout the Spanish Tile Pavilion, two trends were distinct. Many booths housed natural looking slate, stone, granite, and terra cotta materials with an authentic feel - a design sensibility that Tile of Spain dubs Real. Other spaces found bold, colorful, high-tech products, somewhat retro in style with a contemporary twist. They've coined this Refab.

Taking the authentic approach, member-based manufacturer, Ceracasa showcased its Milos Series from the Natural Collection. Characterized by its natural design, the Milos Series is composed of easy-to-clean tiles with the endurance of high-quality porcelain. Earth-inspired patterns and colors include: anthracite, earths, mosses, and creams. The booth space also featured the company's Cromo Series - tile reflective of the trend toward coupling past and future sensibilities. This series presented unique metallic styles that can be transformed into a new look with a simple change in lighting.

Ceramica Saloni's booth space contained elements from both trends in its Picnic & Nirvana Series. Designed to infuse modern technology with a natural aesthetic, the Picnic Series is a white body rectified tile that's easy-to-clean and requires little-to-no maintenance. Evocative of Japanese paper, the company's Nirvana Series is a white-bodied rectified tile available in white, cream, and beige.

The two trends were also evident in products from Gres Rustico Ebro as they launched three new collections that unify tradition and innovation: Geoda, Vitrix, and Esmalt Naif. Combining modernity and tradition, the Geoda Collection contains earthenware pieces with small, glass-colored inlays. Available in more than 20 colors, the new design was inspired by natural gems and has increased the company's range of decorative wall tiles. Distressed glass-border tiles, inspired by precious crystals, make up the company's Vitrix Collection. Featured in six tones and two materials, the collection provides a variation of decorative tile options. And, with qualities that exude a natural earthy look, the Esmalt Naif Collection comprises enameled earthenware blocks available in white, salmon, mustard, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue and cobalt blue.

Ceramicas Calaf demonstrated use of two new tiles from the Cadi Series - Naranja and Rustico. A stoneware material, with a terracotta appearance, the tiles are visually natural and traditional in look - from color to texture. Ceramica Mayor presented extruded tiles mimicking terracotta, while Gres De Aragon featured a range of ecological and environmentally-friendly, fully-vitrified extruded tiles produced from natural clays found in the Spanish region, Aragon.

Continuing its on-going enlargement of their product range, Vives Azulejos y Gres showcased its Slab Collection, a porcelain tile that reproduces the color and finish of wooden parquet coverings. Subtle details, like the mixing of dark shades with light to produce a natural, grain-like effect, were visible.

The avant-garde designs from La Aranda Alcorense's Sabana Series reflected the contemporary personality of the product coupled with the retro look found in many of the spaces. Displayed in metallic and oxidized finishes, Inalco showed off their Eiffel line - a frost & stain-resistant, glazed porcelain tile pressed into large format sizes. Ceraworld/Eskema Ceramica presented single-fired, red-body wall tiles with various screen applications - the ultimate in technology, imitating marble, stone, glass or paper.

A gorgeous display of new and beautiful tile designs and innovative installation solutions, Cevisama 2005 saw the best of the best from Tile of Spain. For more information on the products featured at Cevisama 2005, contact the Tile of Spain Center, at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Rd., Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Call 305-446-4387 or visit