Avalon is Gambarelli's newest porcelain tile series. It features Gambarelli's Metal Stone Technology. Available in 10 colors and three sizes, the unique collection of stone and metal tile is complemented by a range of decors and mosaics.

Florida Tile EpicStone

Coverings 2005, taking place May 3-6 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., will boast major business opportunities for exhibitors and attendees alike. Not only will major tile and stone manufactures showcase their latest products and technologies at the show in nearly 500,000 net square feet of space, but multiple networking opportunities, educational seminars, conferences and programs will be made available.

For more information on attending or exhibiting at Coverings, visit www.coverings.com or telephone (703) 683-8500.

Florida Tile debuts EpicStone, a modular collection featuring a natural handcrafted look and deep, rich beauty. Available in 6.5-by-6.5, 6.5-by-13-, and 13-by-13 inches, EpicStone is available in multiple formats for any budget, style or taste, according to Florida Tile.

Edilcuoghi Rocks

Edilcuoghi introduces Rocks ceramic tile, involving a play of shading in a quartzite-look tile. Available in four colors, four sizes, and a mesh-mounted mosaic and mesh-mounted brick version, Rocks evokes a stone appearance but remains soft to the touch, according to Edilcuoghi.

Gabbianelli Pictura

Pictura by Gabbianelli is a hand-painted, double-fired tile collection available in 8-by-8 inches. Pictura comes in six colors, and is meant for both wall and floor installations.

Edilgres Siro Not

Not is new from Edilgres Sirio. It is a full-body porcelain stoneware tile that is available in three finishes and five sizes. Colors in the line include Freeze, Ground, Moon, Pitch, Rust and Sponge. A range of special trims rounds out the offering.

Ilva S.A. Andes

Ilva S.A. presents its Andes Series of rectified, unglazed tile. The series, with its natural shade variations and classic textures, is meant to evoke South America's Andes Mountains. Field tiles are available in 20-by-20-, 14-by-14-, 7-by-14- and 7-by-7 inches. Mosaics in multiple sizes are also available, as well as decorative pieces.

Marca Corona Progress

Marca Corona introduces Progress, a rectified ceramic tile with a quarry-roughened slate look. Progress is characterized by a lack of grout lines, and is made in Litogres full-body porcelain stoneware. It is available in a honed version with a polished, reflecting surface, two square formats, and a special irregular format for use as cladding.

Gardenia Orchidea Texture

Gardenia Orchidea has developed Texture, a white-body, double-fired wall tile line and matching floor tile line in glazed porcelain stoneware. With the many pieces available in the Texture collection, it is possible to create a tailored look for each individual space, according to the company. Texture is available in white, gray, light blue and beige.

Appiani Mix

Appiani Mix is a collection of mosaic tiles mounted on fiberglass net, available in 64 versions, according to Appiani. The tiles are dressed with the 36 colors available in the company's Anthologhia range.

Ceramiche di Siena Romanica

Ceramiche di Siena unveils its Romanica collection of porcelain tile. Romanica, inspired by ancient Rome, is available in four colors and five sizes. A mosaic version and special decorative pieces complement the line.

Ceramica Bardelli Bronzi

Ceramica Bardelli introduces Bronzi, a collection of handcrafted tile which is also hand-painted for a unique look to each and every piece. Bronzi is available in a 5-by-5-inch format.

Brix 24%

Brix presents 24%, a crystal tile designed by Mario Nanni. 24% combines quartz sand and metal (at least 24 percent composition) to give the tile both a transparency and a great mechanical resistance, according to Brix.

Monocibec Cotto Italiano

Monocibec presents its Cotto Italiano range, ideal for country settings that match rural brick or stone walling. The slightly wavy surfaces and characteristic irregular edging is meant to make every installation unique to the individual. A lapped, ground, straight-edged version is also available, which can be laid with a 1 mm inter-tile joint.

Naxos Le Porcellane

Le Porcellane is a new tile series by Naxos. It incorporates polished surfaces and irregular edges, with a selection of traditional and modern decorative styles and colors. Available in nine colors and three sizes, Le Porcellane is rounded out by trim tiles and decors.

Cerdisa Sensazioni

Cerdisa's Sensazioni line of ceramic tile features colors designed to give a unique flair to any room and personalize any living space, according to the company. The tile is available in a range of sizes and colors.

Viva Look

A versatile new collection from Viva, Look is a 1.4-by-2.1 inch mosaic which is mesh-mounted to become a 12-by-12 inch tile. These modular tiles are designed to mix and match with Xilo and Shot, two other collections from Viva.

Marazzi Ceramiche Natural Age

Marazzi Ceramiche introduces Natural Age natural and lapped porcelain tile. The series features warm colors meant to evoke carpets of leaves, copper earth tones, white quarried stone and desert sand, according to the company.

Vives Azulejo y Gres Slab

Vives Azulejo y Gres offers its Slab Collection of porcelain tile. The collection is designed to reproduce the color and finish of wooden parquet coverings, according to the company.

Ceramiche Caesar Feel

Ceramiche Caesar debuts another environmentally friendly collection with Feel. The series mimics a wood look, in a sustainable design. Feel is available in seven colors.

RHS Strade del Vino

RHS introduces Strade del Vino through-body porcelain tile, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The tile in this collection fosters the look of ancient handmade terracotta, while the extra large thickness and technical characteristics of Strade del Vino make it ideal for any public or private application, RHS says.

Alfa Ceramica Medicea

Alfa Ceramiche's Medicea through-body porcelain tile is inspired by ancient Tuscan terracotta. The varied shading of the collection is meant to reproduce a flame effect usually obtained by firing in conventional kilns. Medicea is available in three formats.

Cotto Veneto Echi d'Oriente

Cotto Veneto offers Echi d'Oriente under-glass decoration, inspired by Japanese motifs. These unique, handcrafted items are available in seven colors, three sizes and a mosaic version.

Eliane Ceramic Tiles Amazonika

Eliane Ceramic Tiles unveils its latest, the Amazonika series. Incorporating natural materials such as Brazilian coconut fiber, quartzite stone and bamboo, and presented in mosaics and decorative pieces, Amazonika is inspired by Brazil's native beauty and artistry. It is available in a wide range of formats and pieces.

Saicis Spacco Di Cava

Duplicating the look of slate, the Spacco Di Cava series by Saicis is part of the company's Hi-Tech Gres collection of unglazed, multiple-loaded porcelain tile. Available in six colors and five sizes, as well as mosaic options, Spacco Di Cava is rounded out by a selection of decorative pieces.

Vitra Tiles USA Hexagon Mosaics

Vitra Tiles USA introduces its Hexagon Mosaics in unglazed porcelain. The hexagonal shape is available in 1-by-1 inch, dot-mounted tiles. Hexagon Mosaics comes in 21 different solid colors and multiple standard and custom patterns.

Impronta Italgraniti USA Urbana
Vitra Tiles USA introduces its Hexagon Mosaics in unglazed porcelain. The hexagonal shape is available in 1-by-1 inch, dot-mounted tiles. Hexagon Mosaics comes in 21 different solid colors and multiple standard and custom patterns.

Century Spirit

New from Impronta Italgraniti USA is the Urbana series of through-body porcelain tile. Offered in several colors, the tile is now available in a new 24-by-36-inch size that can be cut into a variety of custom size options, including 12-by-36-, 8-by-24-, and 18-by-24-inch formats.

Ceramica Saloni Picnic

The Spirit collection from Century is meant to offer interiors a natural, relaxed feel. The varying tones and irregular edges can suit any personal taste and technique, according to Century. Spirit is available in four colors: Kimberley, Gran Sabana, Sergenti and Borneo.

Grespania Natura

Ceramica Saloni presents its Picnic series of white-body rectified tile. The tile is designed to be easy-to-clean and offer little to no maintenance, according to the company.

Italgres Zeus
Grespania's Natura porcelain stoneware series is inspired by natural woods such as oak and maple. It is available in multiple formats and colors.

Panaria Ceramica Mods

Italgres presents its Zeus collection of porcelain stoneware tile. Offer a minimalist aesthetic, the Zeus collection is precut to provide versatility in positioning, Italgres says.

Roca Rock & Rock

Panaria Ceramica presents Mods. Designed to be used both for flooring and wall coverings, this collection is available in five colors and four sizes, as well as natural and lapped surfaces. Mosaics, listels and trim pieces round out the line.

Floor Gres Area

The latest addition to Roca's Rock & Rock series is cut-edge pieces, in which each piece is cut prior to entering the kiln. Rock & Rock tile is available in Quartz, Lavagna Negro, Pietra Serena, Sandstone, Travertino and Titanium.

Adex Urban

Floor Gres introduces its Area series, inspired by stones like Pietra Bedonia and Pulpis, as well as natural materials such as plaster and concrete. Area features a soft surface, delicate colors and rectified edges. Area fine porcelain stoneware is available in six colors.

The Urban Series from Adex caters to modern design with its diamonds and dots. Available in flat, trellis, pillowed and beveled finishes, the Urban Series includes a wide range of special matching pieces.