The exhibit, Luxury in Living– Italian Designers for Italian Industries, will treat visitors to a look at an assortment of innovative, state-of-the art Italian tiles.

Floor Gres Chromwork Pearl tiles in gold and sable adorn the floors of the Mandarin Plaza in Kiev.
Ceramic Tiles of Italy is pleased to participate in a new exhibit titled Luxury in Living - Italian Designers for Italian Industries, taking place at the Loft Building in the Miami Design District from November 30, 2004 to January 12, 2005. Always forward-thinking, Italian tile producers consistently come up with new designs and innovative production methods that redefine the way the world thinks about ceramic tile. Luxury in Living promises to be another opportunity for the industry to shine. The striking exhibit will focus on the excellence of luxury products designed and produced in Italy. Presented by the Italian Trade Commission, in partnership with Assopiastrelle (the Italian Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers), and the other leading Italian Manufacturers Associations, this new initiative is a part of the Abitare Italia - Life in I Style project.

The Luxury in Living exhibit will highlight Ceramic Tiles of Italy's tradition of innovation and excellence. Visitors will get a chance to experience a wide range of state-of-the-art ceramic tiles produced by many of the industry's leading manufacturers. Products on display will include tiles created with precious metals; artistic tiles featuring textured surfaces and decorative relief patterns; special materials designed for an award-winning piazza in Kobe, Japan; modular tile systems with coded relief information for the visually impaired; and even sustainable tiles that react with pollution to create cleaner air.

In addition to this curated look at some of the best current Italian ceramic tiles, the show will include a special section exploring the future of the material. Highlights from a recent exhibit of tile prototypes, launched at Cersaie 2004, and created by student/designer teams from the Master in Design program at Milan's Domus Academy, will be a window into the future uses of ceramic tile. These examples will underscore tile's versatility as an architectural element - inspiring visitors to think about the material in brand new ways. Design teams working on this initiative were led by industry giants such as: Claudio Raimondo, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Maurizio Corrado, Marc Sadler, Denis Santachiara, Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda.

Visitors to the Luxury in Living exhibit will receive a CD-ROM with exhibit images and information on U.S. distribution. A hardcover show catalog with detailed information of the featured products will also be available. Guided tours and design seminars will focus on design Made in Italy and on the recent installations of Italian ceramic tile.

After its first stop in Miami, the exhibit Luxury in Living will travel to other American cities, offering the possibility for the highest number of visitors to see and touch the best Italian products in the home furnishings industry.

Prominent Institutions Choose Italian Tile

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Taipei 101 Financial Center in Taiwan and the Mandarin Plaza in the Ukraine have something in common; all have elected to use Italian tile in their respective institutions. Piemmegres' paving tiles have been used for the floor coverings on the terraces adjacent to St. Peter's Basilica. Several thousand square meters of slabs from the Himalaya collection in the color Macalu have been chosen for their aesthetic qualities and because they are able to withstand the intense foot traffic of the thousands of people who come every day to visit one of the world's most historic sites. St. Peter's Basilica, built from the 15th century onwards, features work by artists of the caliber of Michelangelo, Raffaello, and Bernini, as well as the Modenese artist Jacopo Barozzi, known as Il Vignola.

Similarly, Floor Gres porcelain tile was chosen for the Taipei 101 Financial Center, the highest skyscraper in Taiwan (101 floors) and one of the highest in the world. The Fiorano-based company supplied 26,500 square meters of Chromtech series porcelain tile in 30-by-30 -cm and 30-by-60-cm sizes for the area to be used for shops. For this important and very demanding project, the designer, C.Y. Lee, was inspired by the oriental tradition. In a floor space of more than 357,000 square meters, the skyscraper will accommodate shops and financial institutions, making it a fully enclosed vertical city.

Floor Gres tile has also been selected for the interior and exterior of the new Mandarin Plaza shopping center in Kiev, Ukraine. The Mandarin Plaza, located in the heart of the city, is part of the renewed Bessarbskji Kuartal district, designed by the architect Babushkin, as part of a project for the complete restoration of the zone. The facade of the plaza will be faced with Chromtech Lagon Rose 30-by-60-cm tiles. Using an advanced technological installation system, the Chromtech series tiles will not only create the look of a continuous smooth wall, but will also provide a considerable reduction in heating and air-conditioning costs. For the interior flooring, Mandarin Plaza has selected Chromwork Pearl 45-by-90-cm tiles in a combination of Gold and Sable to complement the design of the interior architecture.

Leonardo 1502 Updates Production Facilities

This past year Leonardo 1502's production plants have undergone a variety of upgrades. In March it started up a Colormix colormetric system from Electron for automatic batching of screen-printing pastes. Four months later, Leonardo 1502 renewed its EMAS and ISO 14000 environmental certifications and ISO 9001:2000 company quality certification. The company also completed installation of the new Rolls-Royce cogeneration plant for the combined production of electrical and heat energy, which became operational in September. Last but not least, the company is currently installing a new line for the production of large-format tiles, including Sacmi press and a glazing line complete with Rotocolor machines for decoration of 60-by-60-cm size tiles. This investment in technology translates into an even wider range of tile collections available to Leonardo 1502's customers around the world.

Ceramiche Caesar Launches Agora 2004

This summer Ceramiche Caesar unveiled its new partnership proposal titled "Agor