Viva Pretaporter

Cotto D'Este Kerlite
Ceramic tile and stone manufacturers geared up for Coverings 2005 with their latest products, technologies and services. Trends included new offerings in metal and glass tile, along with contemporary, large-format looks. These and other new, technology-driven floor and wall products were displayed at Coverings 2005, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Fla., May 3-6. For more information, telephone (703) 683-8500, or visit

Viva thinks retro colors and trends are making a comeback, so it has introduced Pretaporter to fill the niche. Pretaporter tile features organic abstract shapes in bold, contrasting colors.

Gayafores Legno

Cotto D'Este introduces Kerlite, a collection incorporating oversized slabs that measure a slim 3-mils thick. The series is enriched with Zirconium particles, to create a product that radiates with light. Kerlite is available in six colors and three sizes.

Roca Arles

Gayafores introduces Legno, a mosaic-type product available as 8-by-8-inch wall tiles, complemented by the company's 6-by-18-inch Parquet floor tiles. Legno is available in natural colors.

Rocersa Atlantis

The Arles series is Roca's latest tile offering. Arles is available in a 12 1/4-by-24-inch format, in the colors of Azul, Bianco, Celeste, Marron, Ocre and Verde. Arles tile features a rugged, contemporary look.

Eliane Neo

Rocersa presents its Atlantis collection in four finishes - natural, semi-polished, rectified and semi-polished/rectified. Available in the colors of Calcita, Ambar, Malaquita and Basalto, tiles in the Atlantis collection come in 12 1/2-by-12 1/2- and 19-by-19-inch formats.

Diamond Tech Glass Tile Stained Glass

New from Eliane Ceramic Tiles is the Neo collection of contemporary porcelain floor tile. The Neo collection consists of three series - Neo Provence, Neo Marmara and Neo California. Sizes include 18-by-18, 12-by-12 and 12-by-24 inches. Neo is designed for both residential and commercial applications.

Alcalagres Lifestone

Diamond Tech Glass Tile launches its new glass tile line, the Stained Glass series, inspired by cathedral glass windows. The Stained Glass series offers an assortment of 30 Opalescence Glass Tiles, in 2-by-2-, 2-by-6-, and 4-by-4-inch formats, with smooth round corners and beveled edges.

Century Masterplan

Alcalagres has expanded its Lifestone series, with four new styles and a large format version designed for use as flooring or cladding. All four styles - Marfil, Miel, Arenisca and Nacar - are finished in rustic-lappato. Nacar is also available in lappato, in three sizes.

Diago Ceramicas Evia

Masterplan is Century's latest series of fine porcelain stoneware tile. Available in the colors of Polar, Tiger, African and Blue Moon, Masterplan comes in three natural surface and six rectified surface sizes. Special decorative pieces and trims round out the residential and light commercial line.

Omega Cotto Farnese

Diago Ceramicas unveils Evia, its newest series of porcelain tile. Evia comes in white, beige, cream, gray and blue in pastel shades to match all types of ambiences, according to Diago Ceramicas. Evia is available in two large formats, in 10-by-13 and 12-by-17 1/2 inches.

Emilceramica Ergon Brera

Cotto Farnese is Omega's latest line of antiqued porcelain stoneware tiles. Available in 18-by-18-, 13-by-13-, 6 1/2-by-13- and 6 1/2-by-6 1/2-inch formats, Cotto Farnese is designed for use in residential installations and restoration projects. The 13-by-13-inch size also comes in an anti-slip version for safer outdoor use, according to the company.

Naxos Pietra Sacra

Emilceramica has taken its inspirations fro the Brera area of Milan for its Ergon Brera fashion-forward flooring. Ergon Brera is a porcelain stoneware collection with straight corners and edges, with its distinguishing features derived from Nanto stone. The colors are natural, the surface may be rolled or bush-hammered, the back features typical saw cuts and the body has characteristic veins running throughout the whole thickness.

Tau Yukon

Naxos presents Pietra Sacra tile, combining a pleasing blend of hues, lights and streaks in a variety of sizes and colors, according to Naxos. Pietra Sacra is available in six sizes and four colors, including Arx, Esquilino, Celio and Aventino. The line is complemented by specialty pieces and decorative trim.

Itagres Ducale

Tau introduces Yukon, a glazed porcelain tile available in a large, 18-by-18-inch format. Yukon is available in four colors, and designed to mimic the look of travertine stone, according to the company.

Vitra Arsemia

Itagres offers its Ducale series of porcelain tile, designed to mimic the elegance of marble textures. Meant for residential use, Ducale comes in the colors of Bone, Almond and Beige, in regular and rectified versions.

Floor Gres Landmark

Vitra's Arsemia line of large-format porcelain tile features a natural look. Available in 12-by-24-, 18-by-18- and 24-by-24-inch sizes in matte and semi-matte finishes for floor tile, Arsemia also comes in a 10-by-16-inch wall tile in both matte and glossy finishes.

Cerypsa Orleans Beige

Landmark is a new modular tile series from Floor Gres. Landmark is available in four colors and six formats, and marries state-of-the-art technology to a timeless look, according to the company.

Monocibec Cotto Italiano

Orleans Beige is Cerypsa's latest tile offering. The distinctive tile is available in 17 1/2-by-17 1/2-, 13-by-13-, 6-by-6-, and 6-by-17 1/2-inch formats. Orleans Beige offers a stone look with subtle differentiation in patterning and color.

Saloni Conexion

Monocibec presents its Cotto Italiano range, ideal for country settings. The tile incorporates slightly wavy surfaces and characteristic irregular edging. A lapped, ground, straight-edged version is also available. Cotto Italiano is available in six colors: Vinci, Campomagno, Chiaravalle, Montevarchi, Tivoli and Mugello.

La Fabbrica Alpine Stone

Saloni introduces its latest wall tile offering in the Conexion collection. Conexion tile comes in 8-by-8-inch formats, in nine colors: Grey, Red, Cocoa, Black, Yellow, Green, Orange, White Sheen and Mate.

StonePeak Ceramics Limestone

La Fabbrica introduces Alpine Stone, a collection of full-body porcelain tiles with a 12-mil thickness. Inspired by natural slate, Apline Stone uses color ranges from the most intensive reds to light, sandy colors, according to the company. Available in four natural colors and three sizes, Alpine Stone is complemented by a series of accents and trim pieces.

Casalgrande Padana Pietre Etrusche

StonePeak Ceramics presents its Limestone series of through-bodied, unglazed porcelain floor tile, designed to emulate the natural beauty of limestone. Tiles in the Limestone series each bear individual marks, and are precisely rectified to modulate with each other. Available in 24-by-24-, 12-by-24-, 12-by-12-, and 6-by-6-inch formats in honed surfaces, Limestone tile comes in the colors of Ivory, Honey, Walnut, Cream, Gold, Gray and Ebony. A full range of trims and decorative borders rounds out the line.

Dom Ceramiche

Casalgrande Padana presents its Pietre Etrusche series of rectified and squared porcelain stoneware slabs, meant to mimic the look of natural stone. With a range of warm colors, Pietre Etrusche tile is designed for installation in any residential or public setting, according to the company.

StonePeak Ceramics Marble

Dom Ceramiche introduces a unique new prototype - a tile with the look of panels from a cardboard box. This glazed porcelain product as yet has no name, and is available in 20-by-20- and 10-by-20-inch formats. The prototype tile is engineered for use in high-traffic areas.

Ilva Opera

StonePeak Ceramics introduces its Marble series. As with natural marble, no two tiles in the series are exactly alike, according to the company, and are designed to modulate with each other. The Marble series features minimal veining and resembles the colors of the natural marbles that are popular today, including White, Bone, Gold, Green and Black Onyx. Available in both polished and honed surfaces, StonePeak's Marble series comes in 12-by-24- and 12-by-12-inch formats. The series is complemented by a series of trims, decorative borders, and a stair tread.

Caesar Reflex

Glazed with a natural texture and offered in classic colors, Ilva's Opera series of porcelain tile is designed for both residential and light commercial applications. Opera is available in three colors - Aida, Carmen and Tosca - in multiple sizes and mosaics mesh-mounted on 14-by-14-inch sheets.

Fiordo Color Concrete

Caesar presents Reflex, a new collection of tile with the look of natural slate and stone. Tiles in the Reflex collection are available in wide array of colors and sizes, and are meant to give a room a natural, eco-friendly feel.

American Marazzi Tile Solaris

Fiordo introduces Color Concrete, a new collection of fine porcelain stoneware tile. Color Concrete offers a variety of different colors and formats, allowing for numerous decorating possibilities, according to the company.

Atlas Concorde Kashmir

American Marazzi Tile debuts Solaris, a modular floor and wall ceramic tile available in 20-by-20-, 13-by-13- and 6 1/2-by-6 1/2-inch formats. Featuring gently distressed surfaces and edges, Solaris is available in three subtle colors - Ginger, Nutmeg and Saffron - and simulates the look of worn stone, according to the company.

Ege Seramik Cashmere

Atlas Concorde unveils its Kashmir collection of distinctive glazed porcelain stoneware tile. The elegant designs comprising Kashmir are available in two floor tile sizes and one mosaic size. Kashmir is designed for all rooms of the home, and is meant to evoke a sense of the traditional, according to the company.

Edilgres Sirio Not

Ege Seramik presents its Cashmere line of glazed porcelain tile. Cashmere comes in four bold, earthen colors in 6 1/2-by-6 1/2-, 13-by-13-, and 18-by-18-inch sizes. Along with 13-by-13-inch mesh-mounted mosaics, v-caps and quarter rounds, Cashmere is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Marin Designworks Glass Tile

Not is new from Edilgres Sirio. It is a full-body porcelain stoneware tile that is available in three finishes and five sizes. Colors in the line include Freeze, Ground, Moon, Pitch, Rust and Sponge. A range of special trims rounds out the offering.

Marin Designworks Glass Tile manufactures glass tiles by hand in 24 luminescent and flat matte colors in nine different styles. Tiles range in size from 1/4-by-4 to 16-by-24 inches, and are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations, from vanity countertops and tub decks to outdoor pools. Marin Designworks utilizes a waterjet to create custom designs using glass and other materials, as well.