Inspired by recycled terracotta, the Autentica series by Atlas Concorde is available in five colors and three sizes. Autentica is based on hundreds of samples taken from architectures of the past, according to the company. The series is designed for interior and exterior use.

Refin Arte de Vivre
Cersaie 2004 hosted a record-breaking turnout, with close to 100,000 industry professionals attending the six-day ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings event in Bologna, Italy. Nearly 1,100 exhibitors unveiled their latest products, technologies and systems, with manufacturers both large and small from all over the globe showcasing their newest ceramic introductions and most recent tile lines.

Cedir Chakra
Refin's Art de Vivre porcelain tile collection by Antonio Bullo is inspired by the ‘70s. The seemingly random interplay of lines and colors is reminiscent of the action painting of Pollock, according to Refin. Art de Vivre is designed for contemporary installations.

Monocibec Open Space
Chakra is the latest single-fired wall tile collection from Cedir. Chakra is available in seven colors and three versions: Mosaico Micro, Mosaico Macro and Tinta Unita. The collection is complemented by six accents, trim pieces and coordinated porcelain floor tiles.

Cerdomus Ambystone
Monocibec's Open Space B1 group porcelain tile is designed to meet modern residential requirements and is characterized by linearity and minimalism. Consisting of high thickness through-bodied porcelain tile, Open Space is available with a natural or glossy surface in six colors. The wide range of sizes allows for modular installation.

Panaria Stoneboard
Cerdomus presents Ambystone, a porcelain tile series featuring stern line complemented by neutral or calcined tones, in rough or satin textures. Ambystone is available in five colors. The natural surface version has a strong visual impact while the satin edge-ground version is softer and more delicate, according to the company.

Gambarelli Pietre del Tibet
Panaria's Stoneboard porcelain tile series is designed to imitate the colors and stratiform structure of argillaceous stone. Stoneboard is available in five colors and three sizes, complemented by listels, Greek frets, accents and coordinated trim pieces.

Vitrogres Pincel
Pietre del Tibet by Ceramiche Gambarelli is a porcelain tile series with a penetrating glaze, offering textures reminiscent of the colors, vein effects, irregular hewn surface and beauty of Tibetan natural stone. Available in four colors and modular sizes, the series is complemented by accents and trim pieces, and is ideal for interiors and exteriors.

Edilgres Sirio Petra
Pincel by Vitrogres is a glass mosaic series produced in 1/2-by-1/2, 1-by-1- and 1 1/2-by-1 1/2-inch formats. The tiny mesh-mounted mosaics are available in a wide range of colors.

Mirage Slate
Edilgres Sirio presents Petra through-bodied porcelain tile, offering seven different sizes with an extremely modern aesthetic design. Five essential, intense colors are combined with a natural matte surface to create numerous installation patterns.

Magica Pietre di San Rocco
Mirage debuts Slate, a single-caliber, modular porcelain tile series with a varied shade finish. Slate is available in five colors and sizes together with a wide range of trim pieces, including V-caps, corners, quarter rounds, beaks and connection coves.

RHS Strade del Vino
Magica launches Pietra di San Rocco, a glazed porcelain tile based on the company's Concept technology, to create surfaces with depth of color and an irregular structure as with natural stone. The floor and wall tile series is available in three colors in multiple sizes, and in edge-ground versions.

La Fabbrica Alpine Stone
RHS introduces Strade del Vino, a through-bodied porcelain tile collection designed for coordinated floor tiling in interiors and exteriors. Due to the use of colored bodies, high-quality oxides and dry powders, each tile is meant to reproduce the look of ancient handmade terracotta. Strade del Vino comes in an extra-large thickness.

Gardenia Orchidea Palace
Alpine Stone from La Fabbrica is a 12 millimeter thick through-bodied porcelain tile inspired by slate. This series is aimed at designers, and is available in four colors and three sizes. Alpine Stone is complemented by a full range of accents and trim pieces.

Del Conca YU Porcellana d'Arredo
Palace, a glazed porcelain tile from Gardenia Orchidea, combines mosaic as required to create a wide range of compositional solutions. The floor tile collection is complemented by 16 different types of accents, including insets, medallions and strips of various widths and decorative motifs, together with a series of trim pieces. Palace comes with a lapped surface.

Pamesa Tecnica
Del Conca presents YU Porcellana d'Arredo, a series of tile designed to combine the beauty of natural Berica stone with hi-tech, through-bodied porcelain. Designed for up-market installations, YU is ideal for floors and walls, interiors and exteriors, including large surfaces.

Settecento Valtresinario La Fornace del Gres
Pamesa's Tecnica is an all-through body porcelain tile series featuring various stone-like finishes and rectified edges. Designs include a rough bush-hammered texture, a soft satin surface, and both semi and high gloss polished finishes. This series is commercially rated for both indoor and outdoor heavy traffic areas.

Edilcoughi Compass
La Fornace del Gres from Settecento Valtresinario is a through-bodied and hand-brushed glazed porcelain tile collection designed to capture the natural beauty of handmade terracotta in the Mediterranean tradition. The La Fornace del Gres collection is characterized by large formats and complemented by a wide array of accents and trim pieces.

Caesar Quality Quartz
Edilcuoghi's Compass offers the look of polished matte natural stone, with an appearance that is soft, refined, and minimalist. The typical basic color and light movements of magma or veining give a finished appearance without characterizing it too strongly, according to the company.

Impronta Italgraniti Almatec
Caesar's Quality Quartz through-bodied porcelain tile is inspired by quartzite, a natural stone used as a floor covering material for urban design, residential and commercial applications. Ideal for floors and walls, interiors and exteriors, the Quality Quartz series comprises four products with natural surfaces, each named after a specific stone.

Inalco Eiffel Series
Impronta Italgraniti presents Almatec, a stone-look, through-body porcelain tile. Almatec porcelain is available in sizes up to 48-by-48-inches, with slabs that feature deep stone veining and perfect modularity in appearance and application. Almatac is designed for interior and exterior, walls, floors, residential and commercial installations.

Saicis Hi-Tech Gres Maramao
Inalco's Eiffel Series incorporates 23-by-11 1/2-inch rectified tiles reflecting the dull silver-blue sheen of fully aged steel. This glazed porcelain tile is also available in a rusty tone resembling oxidized steel.

Blending 19 colors into three brilliant hues of slate-like porcelain, Saicis's Hi-Tech Gres Maramao series is available in a light "Rare" mix of hues, a "Medium" mix and a dark "Well-done" mix. Maramoa is offered in 4-by-4-, 6-by-6-, 12-by-12- and 6-by-12-inch formats. Mesh-mounted 1-by-1-inch mosaics are available on 12-by-12-inch sheets.