Many top Brazilian ceramic tile manufacturers debuted their latest products at Cersaie 2005.

Pelle Line: crocodile skin in different colors
Cecrisa Portinari
The company presented its porcelain tile series in large formats such as Pietra Portinari in 23.6-by-47.2-inches. Its products were inspired by leather (new trend), oxidized materials and Brazilian stones. Its presentation was inspired by an art gallery, showing the products in panels like master paintings. Highlights include: Pelle Line, with decorated mosaics with effects of crocodile skin, metal and tissues; Fragmento Line, with images of the '60s and '70s in floral and geometric versions; Oxido Line, porcelain tiles inspired in oxided metal; and Brazilian Stones, which imitates the richness of natural Brazilian stones.

Limestone living room by Portobello
The main launchings from Portobello were inspired by nature themes. With a 1,300 square-foot stand covered with the large format Limestone and Granito Nero, Portobello presented the most up-to-date porcelain tiles from its new factory at Tijucas, which produces over 20 million square feet of porcelain tile a year. The highlights were additions to the Limestone, Pietra di Borgogna and Slate collections (African and Indian Slate), which were developed with high-end technology and research reproducing colors and effects for contemporary architecture.

For wall tile, Portobello presented its Glass line with shiny effects of deep glass and pleasant colors.

A larger stand emphasizes gorgeous products.
This year, the company doubled its space at Cersaie, showing in a 600 sq- foot stand vibrant colors and special tiles for high-end products. Rustics with art such as Resina Line were a success in terms of sales at Cersaie, states Ricardo Porto da Costa, marketing manager. Ceusa will double also its production next year to 72,000 sq feet a year, including in its portfolio of products special porcelain tiles. Today the company is one of the few manufacturers of glazed totally polished floor and wall tiles with a glass effect.

Celso Carlos Gomes: “Brazil shows the trends.”
In its 19th participation at Cersaie, Eliane doubled its exhibiting space to 1,200 sq feet as well. According to Celso Gomes, marketing manager, the stand had innovations in its visual background, looking to make product communication very effective in helping the buyer to identify the whole collection. The company had a "secret room" where the Neo Collecition - New Generation Porcelain Tile was presented to very curious buyers. The open and airy surroundings at the stand, which included Bossa Nova Brazilian music, helped to create the ambience. "Today Brazil is a trend in Europe as well," states Gomes.

Right: Elda Line by Roca -- satin texture and vibrating colors
Incepa (Roca)
Incepa is part of the Roca group, a very huge producer of ceramic tile and sanitaryware all over the world. In the ceramic tile sector, products are designed and marketed according to regional demand. The company presented a wide range of tile. Highlights of the Elda Line by Roca included a satin texture and vibrating colors in a complete and combined line for different surroundings.

Cesar Gomes Jr., president of Anfacer: “Revestir is definitively international.”
Business with the United States
According to Anfacer, Brazil's growth in the U.S. market was tremendous in the past two years. Sales in 2003 were 253 million square feet. Projections point to 300 million square feet and U.S.$125 million for 2004 just for the United States; that equals 40 percent of Brazilian exports of ceramic tile.

Anfacer at Cersaie 2004
Anfacer was present at Cersaie with three main purposes. The first one was to give support to the five Brazilian manufacturers that were exhibiting at the show: Cecrisa, Ceusa, Eliane, Incepa and Portobello, and to the companies that were not exhibiting but brought samples and literature such as Alfagres, Gabriela and Lepri. This year, exhibitors were enthusiastic. Business was good as well, particularly medium-priced ceramic tile, due mainly to high-end products sold by most of the companies. Brazil's quality products range at the top level at this moment. There are more companies looking for a space at Cersaie, such as Gyotoku and Itagres.

Kieling, CEO of Anfacer: “Brazil is a world player.”
Revestir becomes international
The second point, according to Cesar Gomes Junior and Antonio Carlos Kieling, President and CEO of Anfacer, was the promotion of the Brazilian Show, Revestir, which will be held March 2005 from 8-11 . Cesar Gomes states, "Brazil is definitively in the worldwide ceramic circuit. We already have commitments from companies from Italy, Turkey, and China among countries abroad that will be exhibiting at Revestir 2005." There will be also a lot of novelties at the fair for architects and retailers. This edition of Revestir wishes to attract more foreign buyers, mainly from the United States. As the fair will be held simultaneously to Feicon, March 8-12, 2005, the foreign visitors will have a lot to see in South America during this period.

11th World Ceramic Tile Forum will be held in Brazil
The third purpose of Anfacer at Cersaie was to make final arrangements for the 11th World Ceramic Tile Forum, held by Belgian association Cerame Unie. The Forum follows world trends in the ceramic tile business and is important to creating integration among the main producers all over the world. Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Turkey will be present. "Japan's delegation alone will be represented by four people," Kieling emphasizes. The Forum will be held from November 8-10 at Costão do Santinho, a very pleasant beach at Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina state in the South of Brazil. The visitors will also visit the Portobello factory.