Italian ceramic technology makers are gearing up for Tecnargilla 2006, the sector's yearly international exhibition. Slated for Sept. 28-Oct. 2 in Rimini, Italy, the show will include new launches of innovative kilns, casting machines and other technologies.

One of the highlights of the show is Kermat, an exhibit showcasing the latest in advanced ceramic products. Kermat will include displays on raw materials, components and semi-finished products, as well as special ceramic articles and examples of their applications, technological processes, control instruments and tools for the production of nanoceramic materials.

The exhibit will be complemented by an international forum on structural applications of advanced ceramics and their performance in the fields of electronics and microelectronics. Specific applications for high vacuum and other hi-tech sectors such as biomedical will also be addressed.

Tecnargilla 2006 also plans to feature Kromatech, an area devoted to the extensive range of colorful and creative products available in the ceramic sector. Claytech, which includes brick and roof tile technologies, will also be showcased.

Timed to overlap with several days of Cersaie (Sept. 26-30 in Bologna, Italy), Tecnargilla will underscore Italy's importance in the ceramic sector and provide a comprehensive array of products, processes and events, according to organizers.