199 Crossville

New from Crossville is the Journey series of stone-look tile. Showcasing an aged look inspired by Africa's rugged topography, Journey is available in three earthen tones with realistic looking cracks and crevices. The series is offered in 12" by 12", 12" by 18" and 18" by 18" modular sizes, and features a precision edge.For details, circle 199 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

200 Dal-Tile

Dal-Tile introduces Capriccio, a glazed porcelain tile for walls and floors inspired by the look of ancient travertine. Capriccio features subtle shades, shallow pitting and lightly chiseled edges. Offered in three colors, Capriccio is available in 10" by 13", 13" by 13", 20" by 20", 6 1/2" by 6 1/2" formats, as well as 3" by 3" mosaics and a full complement of decorative accents.For details, circle 200 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

197 American Marazzi Tile

Sardinia by American Marazzi Tile is a glazed porcelain tile line meant to evoke the beauty of nature. The tile creates a sense of random, cracked, layered, multi-shaded texture while maintaining a smooth surface, according to the company. Sardinia is available in 20" by 20" and 13" by 13" formats, as well as two large-scale, hexagonal and linear mosaics.For details, circle 197 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

198 Ros Gres

Rosa Gres presents the Concept series, engineered especially for use in and around swimming pools. The Concept series uses the company's OutFloors Technology for superior stain resistance and cleanability, according to Rosa Gres. Concept porcelain stoneware is designed to withstand extreme climates and protect against mold and mildew.For details, circle 198 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

194 Colorker

Tektonia Digital Concept is a new tile printing method developed by Colorker. Through the process, images are printed onto the surface of tiles by the injection of colored clay nanoparticles. The method is used in the company's products, and creates four-color printed surfaces with no visible pixilation, according to Colorker.For details, circle 194 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

193 Ilva

New from Ilva, the Oxide collection of glazed porcelain tile offers a soft slate texture and a natural appearance. The tile is available in 18" by 18", 14" by 14" and 7" by 7" looks, along with 3.4" by 3.4" mesh-mounted mosaics.For details, circle 193 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

196 Diago Ceramics

Diago Ceramics has taken the wraps off of Magica, a new series of porcelain body tile featuring a floral relief. Available in deco, semi-deco and corner deco pieces as well as field tiles, the Magica series is designed for both floors and walls. Magica is offered in Black, Brown, Arena and Green colors.For details, circle 196 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

192 Eliane

Eliane presents Street, a porcelain tile series evoking modern urban looks, for indoor and outdoor settings. Street is available in three colors inspired by cityscapes: Black, Cement and Sand. The tile is offered in 18" by 36" and 24" by 24" formats.For details, circle 192 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

191 Vitromex

Artemis is Vitromex's latest, a series of impervious glazed porcelain tiles offered in five collections. One of the highlights is Roca del Sol, which offers a soft, weatherworn, rustic stone look inspired by Pietra di sole (Sun Rock). Roca del Sol is offered in three modular sizes and three dramatic colors.For details, circle 191 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

190 Vitra Tiles USA

Vitra Tiles USA debuts the Natural Stone collection, the company's first stone line in the United States. Tiles are available in Classic Travertine, Noce Travertine, Yellow Travertine and Burdur Beige colors, in matte or polished finishes. The collection is offered in a standard size of 12" by 12", and also features decorative pieces.For details, circle 190 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

188 Cotto Veneto

Cotto Veneto introduces Traforo del Gran Sasso, a collection of room dividers offered in three different formats: 16" by 16", 20" by 20" and 24" by 24" inches. Cut-out patterns include birds, leaves and geometrical shapes, with custom designs also available.For details, circle 188 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

189 Stone Peak Ceramics

StonePeak Ceramics unveils the Café series of glazed porcelain tile, featuring rich urban colors with minimal movement and variations for a unified, solid look. Available in four colors and two sizes, Café is complemented by a full trim package. The tile is made for residential and light commercial applications.For details, circle 189 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

186 Hakati Enterprises

Fantastix by Hakatai Enterprises is an iridescent glass tile designed to bring contemporary flair to any space. Offered in 42 colors from radiant reds to organic shades of lotus, Fantastix is designed for interior and exterior uses. The tile measures 9/16" by 9/16" and features a thickness of 1/8". It is available on 1.15 sq. ft. mesh-backed sheets.For details, circle 186 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

185 Laufen

Laufen has rolled out Bergamo, a series of 13" by 13" and 17 1/2" by 17 1/2" glazed porcelain tiles, along with coordinating 10" by 13" wall tiles. Available in three colors, the series also features a wide range of decorative trim options.For details, circle 185 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

187 Mediterranea

Mediterranea offers the Vatican Gallery collection of glazed porcelain tile. Inspired by artistic marble and stone from the Renaissance period, the Vatican Gallery tile is made using rotocolor advanced technologies, and is offered in four colors designed to evoke the feel of brush strokes. The tile is available in 13" by 13", 20" by 20", 10" by 20" and 6 1/2" by 6 1/2" sizes, along with a range of complementing decorative pieces.For details, circle 187 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

183 Roca Ceramics

The Rainbow collection is new from Roca Ceramica. Offering bright and pastel colors and multicolor mosaics, Rainbow tile is designed to bring an elegant, youthful feel to the room, according to Roca. Rainbow tile is made using new technologies, Roca says.For details, circle 183 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

180 Steuler Fliesen

Intended for use in children's bathroom décor, Piep! by Steuler Fliesen features brightly colored sketches of birds playing along wall tiles in a whimsical display. White matted field tiles in 8" by 10" feature the birds in green, orange and yellow colors swinging and hanging onto wires by their beaks in the playful scene.For details, circle 180 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

181 Onix

Onix introduces Oni-tech, a mosaic tile combining transparency and luminous color. Oni-tech is showcased in 26 colors, which can be mixed and matched for 13 standard combinations, the company says. The mosaic glass tile also features a unique texture, Onix notes.For details, circle 181 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

182 Diamond Tech

The Platinum series of glass tile from Diamond Tech features light-reflective surfaces in transparent and semi-transparent looks. The collection is available in a 1.5 cm by 1.5 cm format in an average thickness of 1/8". Square foot paper-front sheets of tile are designed for use on floors and walls in kitchens, bathrooms and pool areas.For details, circle 182 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

179 Tau

Silver is the latest addition to Tau's Metallica collection; the minimalist metallic tiles are available in 12" by 24", 18" by 18" and 24" by 24" formats. A full range of decorative pieces rounds out the line.For details, circle 179 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

177 Cerdomus

Cerdomus presents Sculpture, a straight-edged 10" by 16" porcelain tile series designed by renowned Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas. The wall tiles feature a corrugated surface which can be laid vertically or horizontally on both interior and exterior surfaces.For details, circle 177 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

176 Impronta Italgraniti

Impronta Italgraniti has taken the wraps off of Rhus Le Leche, a tile series inspired by Asian woodblock art from the Edo period. Rhus Le Leche is available in four colors named after the imperial dynasties Han, Song, Xia and Tang. The tile is complemented by décors including Yuan (panels with vibrant red leaves stretching across a black background) and Ming.For details, circle 176 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

178 Ceramica Fioranese

ColorLab by Ceramica Fioranese offers large-format 20" by 20" and 10" by 20" colors in thirteen vibrant colors. The field tiles are complemented by a wide range of whimsical patterns including mesh-mounted mosaics mimicking waves, bubbles, florals and miniature stripes.For details, circle 178 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

172 Ceracasa

Ceracasa's Roble series, part of the Maderas collection, is inspired by the look of oak. The rectified stoneware porcelain is offered in 1.5" by 25", 3" by 25" and 6" by 25" formats in two rich colors.For details, circle 172 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

184 The Unites States Ceramic Tile Co.

The United States Ceramic Tile Co. presents Duomo, a glazed porcelain tile available in 6 3/8" by 6 3/8", 13" by 13" and 17 1/2" by 17 1/2" sizes. Duomo is offered in the colors Mist, Sepia and Sorrel, and is available with a 3" by 6 3/8" tumbled marble decorative tile in three colors. A border, listel and corner complete the package.For details, circle 184 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

173 Puccini Natural Stone Corp.

Puccini Natural Stone Corp. offers three different sizes of travertine in unique, three-dimensional patterns and high-end residential designs. TM2-13-T is a 2 by 2" tumbled and mesh-mounted mosaic. TB22-13-T offers a 2 3/4" by 12" honed border. TP11-13 features a standout basket weave pattern and a honed finish.For details, circle 173 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

170 Ibero

Ibero presents the Brescia series of porcelain stoneware. Offered in 12.5" by 12.5" and 19" by 19" modular formats, the tile is available in four natural colors. Decorative pieces including skirting and mosaics are also available.For details, circle 170 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

169 Metropol

The Harmony-Comfort series, new to Metropol's Spazio-Signo collection, is a white paste, rectified tile offered in four formats and two colors. Sizes include 12.5" by 12.5", 1.5" by 23.25", 6.25" by 23.25" and 12.25" by 23.25".For details, circle 169 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

171 Exagres

The Italica series by Exagres features extruded stoneware in five colors. The series includes decorative skirting, stairs and water-cut borders. Italica is available in 4.75" by 9.5" and 9.5" by 9.5" tiles.For details, circle 171 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

174 Settecento

Settecento's Crocotile is inspired by reptile scales. The tile is available in a range of formats in traditional cool and warm tones. These include a classic gray, amaranth, tortoise and brown, as well as bold whites, oranges, greens, lilacs and blues.For details, circle 174 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

175 Ceramica Di Treviso

Ceramica Di Treviso offers two ranges of small-format tiles. The Atlante collection features tiny 1 by 1 centimeter products. The Ardesia Natura series incorporates unique 1 by 15 centimeter offerings. The products can be mixed and matched to create stunning patterns and playful designs.For details, circle 175 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

195 Mensaque Rodriguez & Co.

Mensaque Rodriguez & Co. offers several high-end collections, including tiles featuring textured and iridescent copper shades, clay looks, and high-relief designs. One of the highlights is the Gold series, which is decorated with 24 karat gold.For details, circle 195 on the Reader Inquiry Card.