Photo 1: A Ford F-150 XLT sponsored by Brazil was given as a prize to a Coverings attendee: Kevin S. Sause, from Punta Gorda, FL.

Photo 2: A group photo of Brazilian tile manufacturers at Coverings 2006.

Ceramic tile manufacturers from Brazil had a great time at Coverings. Although the currency exchange rate is not fair, business within the United States showed a lot of improvement.

Photo 3: Fiandre, a new addition to the Provençal series from Nardini, was inspired by the antique European wall tiles with a predominance of blue.

According to Antonio Carlos Kieling, CEO from Anfacer, the Brazilian pavilion was a success, attracting a great number of buyers.

Photo 4: Eliane presents its Habitat Collection; Wood Brown emphasizes the warm hospitality of interior décors available in 13x23",13x13" and 6x23" sizes.

Anfacer brought 30 companies to Coverings: Embramaco, Angelgres, Antigua, Arbe, Bellagres, Bozan, Buschinelli, Casagrande, Cecafi, Cecrisa, Chiarelli, Elizabeth, Cerâmica Sumaré, Ceusa, Eliane, Formigres, Gabriela, Gyotoku, Incefra, Itagres, L`Opera, Lanzi, Lef, Lepri, Moliza, Nardini, Pisoforte, Porto Ferreira, Portobello and Villagres.

Photo 5: Gyotoku presented its Legno and Skin ceramic tile series, which mimic the appearance of wood and animal skins.

Kieling states that the move to Chicago alters the interest of buyers from Florida, Central America and Caribe that might go directly to the Brazilian fair Revestir from 13-16 March 2007.

Photo 6: Incepa's Cotton Foliage tile brings back the tissue effect in interior surroundings, adding a lot of calm and relaxation to the ambience.

And the fair at Chicago will attract buyers looking for high-end products, which will mean a growth in porcelain tile products.

Photo 7: Portinari presented Pelle, a new addition to its Skin series; the tile has a very interesting texture of real skin.

The promotion of the Brazilian products was coordinated by Anfacer (Ceramic Tile Association), Abirochas (Stone Association) and Apex Brasil (Government Agency for Promotion).

Photo 8: Portobello's Metal series in horizontal tile creates a dramatic effect when used in conjunction with other metal combinations.