The Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center student mural.

To foster a love of the arts and to beautify the campus, students of the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center (CATC) recently created a giant mural on top of an existing foundation block outside the school. Tile setting materials, grout and tools for the 100 foot long, 6 foot high mural were provided by Custom Building Products.

The finished product, which took 10 intensive weeks to complete, showcases marine life along an aquamarine background. Whimsical sea bird sculptures stand poised on top of the mural, seeming to look out at passersby. The mural was made using a variety of media, including stained glass, seashells, ceramic from old plates and river rocks. The project is one of the education programs CATC offers to inner city youth in the Greater Cincinnati area, aiming to unleash their creativity.

Said Lee Aicholz, a Custom technical representative, "These young people are bright and enthusiastic. It was a joy to see them discover their artistic talents and take such pride in their work."