Meredith Collection; Olivia Daniels

Meredith Collection

Meredith Collection® is inspired by the designs and style of the Arts and Crafts movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Meredith tiles are known for dramatic relief carving and attention to detail. Meredith is especially recognized for the unique beauty brought to floral, garden and nature depictions in glazed tile. Located in Canton, Ohio, Meredith produces tile for both wall and floor applications. Visit the Meredith Collection web site @ Meredith is part of the Ironrock family of products (

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Olivia Daniels

Olivia Daniels introduces intricately carved decorative tile designed to inspire personal expression. Manufactured through an innovative process using composites rather than ceramics, Olivia Daniels architectural tiles are distinctive for the depth of the intricate carved designs and the authentic appeal of hand applied finishes. Olivia Daniels is available in four distinctive collections - St. Etienne, Palatino, Pagoda and Biarritz -each offering choices in tile design, size and finish. Options include large dramatically themed backsplashes, bold accents and complementary fields. Each design is a unique piece of art created to coordinate or contrast with virtually limitless variations. (336) 884-7331

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