Inspired by natural wood, Habitara from Azulev is available in wenge, natural cerezo and roble. It offers a series of special pieces for both walls and floors.

When it was first introduced to the U.S. market about 10 years ago, wood replica tiles weren't so inspired. Grout lines, poor graining and few species made these tiles undesirable. Spanish tile manufacturers set out to correct these problems through much research and development. And their determination and persistence has paid off - the new wood inspired ceramic tile is so close to the original that to see it, touch it or even to walk on it will make you question whether it is wood or ceramic.

Painstaking attention is being paid to every detail such as texture, finish and joints. Perfect graining and life-like veining is made even more believable with extra attention to light and shade. These details are even more impressive with texturing and a wider range of finishes such as oak, maple, beech, wenge and merbau which can be weathered or waxed. Azuvi, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, presents the Forest Series. It is part of their Performance Collection. This wood-inspired tile is available in sicomor, haya, roble, nuez, cerezo and wenge. It is a rectified tile that comes in 4-by-24.5", 8.25-by-24.5" and 17-by-24.5" formats. For more information, visit

Azuvi's Forest Series, part of the Performace Collection, is an elegant rectified porcelain tile which balances modernism and tradition. It is available in 3 formats and six colors.
With the development of advanced rectifying techniques, today's tiles are able to be installed with virtually no grout lines giving the installation a smooth appearance. Technology has been developed to produce planks and parquet formats similar to real. The Habitaria Series from Azulev offers the colors wenge, natural cerezo and roble. Special pieces including skirting, borders and tacos are also available. This tile can be used on walls and floors. For more information, visit

Wood inspired ceramic tile is ideal for those who like the warm glow and charm of wood but want the ease of care, durability, long life and germ and insect resistance that tile offers. In the Northeast, where wood is very popular, ceramic tile may make more sense in certain applications such as a mudroom, entrance hall, bathroom, restaurant or hospital. Wood can be more expensive and will require periodic refinishing to keep it looking its best. As an added benefit, ceramic tile is an excellent heat conductor which maintains its temperature when used with radiant heating systems.

Series from Colorker is inspired by natural wood. It is an ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications on walls, floors and facades.
In the South, where moisture is an issue, wood inspired ceramic is perfect. The homeowner can have the desired wood look without having to worry about warping, shifting, insects or refinishing. Also, sunlight isn't an issue with tile but it can damage wood. Colorker, a Spanish manufacturer, offers the Tundra Series which is a good choice for interior and exterior applications. The tiles are suitable for walls, floors and facades. They are available in walnut, honey and beige and the following formats: 5.75-by-35.5", 8.75-by-35.5" and 17.5-by-35.5". For more information, visit

Inalco's Maderas Series is wood inspired tiles come in Haya Mate, Cerezo Mate and Nogal Mate. The 12.5-by-12.5" and 12.5-by-23.5" formats combine with various complementary pieces such as steel listelos. For more information, visit

Maderas from Inalco comes in two formats that fit with complementary pieces such as steel listelos. It is available in three colors inspired by natural wood.
Whether it's tile for the bath, kitchen or an outdoor space, Tile of Spain branded manufacturers offer a wide array of gorgeous ceramic tiles in a variety of colors, patterns, formats and textures. For more about ceramic tile from Spain, contact the Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 LeJeune Rd., Suite 1114, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134, call 305-446-4387 or visit