Photo1: Amazonika represented the state of the art in ceramic tile at Revestir, mixing Brazilian exoticism with decorative products.

Photo 2: Internet TV, TV Ceramica, was running during the fair making interviews with preeminent people from the tile business.

3,200 people attended the conference program that was divided according to each audience present at Revestir: architects, designers, builders, dealers, importers and retailers.

Photo 3: Portobello's booth at Revestir, designed by the famous architect Ruy Ohtake, had no product exhibited, just relationships with customers.

Very skilled speakers attracted this audience: Italina Designer F

Photo 4: The International Forum at Revestir attracted the most important people in the business.

According to Lauro Andrade Filho, director from Revestir, the forum helped to attract this important audience to Revestir.