Company Name:Amorim Industrial Solutions
Company Address:26112 110th Street, Trevor, WI 53179
Phone: 800 255 2675 Fax: 262 862 2500
Sound Control Product Names:AcoustiCORK™ R60; AcoustiCORK ™ S130; AcoustiCORK™ AC55 Plus; AcoustiCORK™ Quiet Comfort
Description: AcoustiCORK™ R60 – 6mm Thick Sound Control Underlayment. AcoustiCORK ™ S130 – 13mm Thick Sound Control Underlayment Sheet. AcoustiCORK™ AC55 Plus – 12.5mm Thick High Performance Composite Panel Sound Control Underlayment. AcoustiCORK™ Quiet Comfort – 2.5mm Wave Textured Underlayment for Floating Floor Products.


Company Name:Bostik
Company Address:211 Boston Street, Middleton, MA 01949
Phone:888-592-8558 Fax: 978-750-7212
Sound Control Product Names:HYDROMENT Brand Product: Ultra-Set Advanced
Description:Ultra-Set Advanced ™ is a tenacious, one-part, trowel applied, elastomeric waterproofing/crack/sound isolation membrane and setting adhesive. Use Ultra-Set Advanced as a waterproofing, crack, and sound isolation membrane over properly prepared concrete; structurally-sound, exterior grade plywood (interior/dry use only); cementitious backer board; and existing, well-bonded vinyl/VCT or ceramic tile; prior to the installation of ceramic or stone tile.

Custom Building Products

Company Name: Custom Building Products
Company Address: 13001 Seal Beach Blvd. Seal Beach, CA 90740
Email Address:
Phone: (800) 272-8786
Sound Control Product Names: EasyMat™
Description: Use this versatile mat to set tile or stone over any acceptable subfloor. EasyMat is fast and easy to install because it is up to 25 times lighter than 1/4” backerboard, it cuts easily with a utility knife, it doesn’t require any fasteners, and it comes in a peel & stick version. Protected by MoldGard® Technology to resist mold and mildew growth and features SoundGard® Technology which offers high and credible impact sound reduction.


Company name: Dodge-Regupol, Inc.
Company Address: 715 Fountain Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601
Email address:
Phone: (717) 295-3400 Fax: (717) 295-3414
Sound control product names: Regupol-QT (scu); Regupol-QT (rbm)
Description:Regupol-QT sound control underlayment is engineered to provide better performance than any other sound control product available. Made from 100% resilient recycled rubber and backed by over 165 independent and laboratory field tests, Regupol-QT can be used directly under a variety of floor surfaces, including hardwood, stone and ceramic tile. Regupol-QT sound control underlayment (scu) is a flat, resilient underlayment that is used directly under floor finishes, yielding exceptional results even under hard surface flooring and over concrete and wood joist construction. Regupol-QT (rbm) is a dimpled, resilient base mat that can be applied under gypsum or full weight concrete to produce some of the thinnest sound rated systems in the industry.

Hacker Industries, Inc.

Company Name: Hacker Industries, Inc.
Company Address: 610 Newport Center Dr., #250, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Email Address:
Phone: (949) 729-3101 Fax: (949) 729-3108
Sound Control Product Names: Hacker Sound Mat II
Description: In a multi-family housing, custom homes and commercial buildings, Hacker Sound Mat II offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to increase STC and IIC sound ratings, which creates a quieter living environment. Hacker Sound Mat II, when used in conjunction with a Hacker Floor Underlayment, is the proven solution to controlling sound transmission.

Laticrete International, Inc.

Company Name: LATICRETE International, Inc.
Company Address: 649 Amity Road, Bethany, CT 06524
Email Address:
Phone: (203) 393-0010 Fax: (203) 293-1296
Sound Control Product Names: LATICRETE 18; LATICRETE 150
Description:LATICRETE 18 Sound Control is a high performance acoustical underlayment system that muffles impact noises and reduces sound transmission through ceramic tile, stone and other hard surfacing materials. LATICRETE 150 Sound N’ Crack Isolation Mat is designed as a high performance acoustical underlayment system that muffles impact noises through ceramic tiles, stone and other hard surfacing materials. It also minimizes the transmission of cracks from the substrate to the tile installation.


Company name: MAPEI Corporation
Company Address:1144 E. Newport Center Dr., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Email Address:
Phone: (954) 246-8799 Fax: (954) 246-8801
Sound Control Product Names: Mapesonic™SM; Mapei SM Primer
Description:Mapesonic™SM – a flexible, thin, load-bearing, fabric-reinforced, “peel-and-stick” sound reduction and crack-isolation sheet membrane for installation. Mapei SM Primer – Liquid latex primer for Mapesonic SM.


Company Name: Mer-Krete Systems
Company Address: 501 Van Ness
Email Address:
Phone: (800) 851-6303 Fax: (310) 320-4938
Sound Control Product Names: MER-KRETE Sound Shield 7000
Description: Sound-Shield 7000, is a fiber-reinforced rubber sound suppressing mat. It features a polyester fabric layer on each side to enhance its adhesive strength for tile installations. It works effectively as both an airborne and impact sound deterrent under tile or stone floors in high sound transmission structures such as condominiums and apartments, hotels and office buildings. The product offers Impact Isolation Class (IIC) ratings ranging from 53 to 63, depending upon the floor system.

NAC Products

Company Name: NAC Products (aka National Applied Construction Products, Inc.)
Company Address: 3200 South Main Street, Akron, OH 44319
Email Address:
Phone: (800) 633-4NAC (4622) Fax: (330) 644-3557
Sound Control Product Names: SAM3; Super SAM
Description:SAM3 (for use with a Sound Rated Ceiling Assembly) and Super SAM (no SRCA required) Sound Abatement Membranes reduce floor-to-floor noise in multi-level structures while protecting finished floors from lateral substrate movement. IIC and STC rated, these self-adhering systems are easy to install and allow for the same day tile setting. Companion products include Acoustical Sealant and Sound Perimeter Tape to stop floor to wall noise transfer at room perimeter.

WE Cork

Company Name: WE Cork
Company Address: 16 Kingston Road, #6, Exeter, NH 03833
Email Address:
Phone: (800) 666-2675 Fax: (603) 778-7052
Sound Control Product Names: WECU-Soundless; WECU-Siliently+
Description: Optimum sound control for hardwood. WECU-Soundless provides highest IIC rating for ceramic tile. WECU-Silently + controls sound within room and under laminate flooring.