The World Floor Covering Association is cautioning members to be on the lookout for a scam involving stolen credit cards and falsified orders for flooring. The trade organization says that it has heard from dealers in Texas, North Carolina and Wisconsin who said they have been targeted thus far. An advisory issued to members from the WFCA said the scam works like this:

1) Customer contacts a retailer (usually by e-mail) requesting availability of a specific product for a large commercial project.

2) Dealer quotes prices and the customer orders a substantial quantity. He pays 50 percent down using two credit cards and says the balance will be paid when the order is picked up by an independent shipper.

3) After the order is shipped to the store, the customer tells the retailer that the shipper will not accept credit cards. Customer then offers to pay the balance with his credit cards and requests that the dealer wire $2,000 to the shipper and add the additional charge to his credit card. (Sales associates might not be suspicious because the customer has already used credit cards to place a $6,000-$7,000 order.)

4)The retailer ultimately learns that the credit card number was stolen (The "customer" never picks up the order.) It turns out that the $2,000 was wired to a fictitious trucking company.