Tiles from Spain work well with Heated Flooring Systems

Roble from Ceracasa is a rectified porcelain tile inspired by natural wood. Close attention to shade and texture variations is evident in appearance. It is available in 1.5-by-25", 3-by-25" and 6-by-25" formats and two colors, Dorado and Miel. For more information, visit www.ceracasa.com.
Image courtesy of Tile of Spain.

As more consumers are exploring heated flooring systems, they're discovering yet another benefit of tile - it's a great heat conductor! Radiant floor heating systems can reduce heating costs and increase efficiency especially when used with ceramic tiles. Tile's inherent properties allow it to maintain and distribute heat.

Heated flooring systems work like a giant radiator heating a room from the bottom up. The systems depend largely on heat transfer from the heated surface to the people and objects in the room. There are three types of radiant floor heat: air, electric and water. Most systems use low-temperature water that flows through flexible tubing embedded in concrete slabs, lightweight overpours or in joist cavities.

Image courtesy of Tile of Spain.
Tile used in conjunction with radiant heat offers a great benefit to allergy sufferers. Radiant heat does not involve the movement of air which can carry allergens and tile, by its nature, is allergen free.

While many materials can be used over a radiant heating system, ceramic tile offers better heating efficiency than the others. Tile conducts heat well and because of its high heat capacity provides thermal storage. Vinyl, linoleum, carpeting and wood insulates the floor from the room and decreases the efficiency of the system.

Tile of Spain branded manufacturers offer a wide range of floor tile options - there's something for every style!

The aesthetic of rust is the inspiration for Ferroker from Venis, a division of Porcelanosa. The tiles' large format, 17.5-by-18.25", is patterned after industrial metal plates. The high-tech style provides a spacious feeling where light shows the steel tones. For more information, visit www.procelanosa.com.
Image courtesy of Tile of Spain.
Wood can be used to cover a radiant floor heating system, but you run the risk of the heat warping and drying it out. Wood inspired tile offers the look without the concerns - ceramic doesn't warp, expand or contract. Spanish tile manufacturers offer both domestic and exotic wood species. The Roble Series from Ceracasa is designed with shade and texture variation to add to its natural appearance. It can be used in floor and wall applications.

Ceramica Saloni's Picnic Series offers a practical and beautifully designed mix of modern and natural sensibilities for a contemporary look. For the modern minimalist, Porcelanosa offers the Ferroker Series which is inspired by weathering steel. The large format tiles - 17.5-by-18.25" - are patterned after industrial metal plates.

Since heated flooring is especially desired in a bath, many Tile of Spain branded manufacturers offer slip-resistant glazes. The Galia Collection from Stylnul offers slip-resistance for areas where that is a concern. For a spa like feel, choose a marble inspired tile such as the Museum Series from Peronda. This series is suitable for bathrooms and offers decorative and border pieces. You'll achieve the look with all of the benefits of ceramic in the bath.

The Museum Collection from Peronda is suitable for interior installations, including bathrooms. The 17.75-by-17.75" format tile is porcelain stoneware with a polished glaze. For more information, visit www.peronda.com.
Image courtesy of Tile of Spain.
While most tiles rated for floors can be used with a radiant heating system, it is wise to consult the manufacturer before specifying.

Tile of Spain branded manufacturers offer a wide array of ceramic tiles in a variety of colors, patterns, formats and textures suitable for use with radiant floor heating systems. For more about ceramic tile from Spain, contact the Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 LeJeune Rd., Suite 1114, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134. Call 305-446-4387 or visitwww.spaintiles.info.