Kalesinterflex is a porcelain ceramic slab with a thickness of only 3 mm and with dimensions of 1000-by-3000 mm. Kalesinterflex adds a new perspective to architecture and constructive technology. It allows new ideas to be put into practice and create modern living spaces.


Raw materials:Raw materials including clay, kaolin and feldspar are used in the production of Kalesinterflex.

Environmentally friendly:Kalesinterflex is produced by an environment-friendly technology. Compared to the traditional ceramic production process, its gas and dust emission is 20 times less; its CO2 emission is 1,000 times less.


Large / Variable Dimensions:Kalesinterflex® has the dimensions of 100 x 300 cm and is the first and only porcelain ceramic slab produced in Turkey using a breakthrough, environmentally technology. It can be cut to any size required by projects.

Custom sizes are:100-by- 300 cm, 100-by- 100 cm, 50-by- 150 cm, 50-by- 100 cm, 50-by- 50 cm, 5-by- 100 cm

3 mm Thickness:Kalesinterflex® is only 3 mm. thick. This contributes flexibility, lightweight and maneuverability.

Physical Features:

Weight:One Kalesinterflex slab (1000-by- 3000 mm) weighs approximately 21 kg (7kg/m2).

Flexibility:The flexibility radius of a Kalesinterflex® plate with dimensions of 1,000-by- 3,000 mm is 5.5 m.

Fire Resistance:Kalesinterflex® is totally fire resistant and non-flammable. (Category 0)

Cutting:It can be cut with standard glass and ceramic cutters, computer controlled automatic cutting machines in the required dimensions.

Drilling:Kalesinterflex® can be drilled with glass drills as well as with other known automatic drilling devices.

Ease of Cleaning:Kalesinterflex® has a smooth surface on which dirt does not accumulate. If required it can be cleaned with water and conventional cleaning agents.

Colours & Surfaces:

Colours:Kalesinterflex® has a wide range of colours. (white, black, dark grey, beige, beige grey, coral, saffron, pebble grey*, ivory*, orange*, pistachio green*, olive green*, mocha*, turquoise*, blue* )

* Available based on order quantity.

Surfaces:There are two types of surfaces: Glazed and satin.

Application Fields:

Surface Covering:Kalesinterflex® is ideal for covering large surfaces. It can be used with known cement based adhesives.

External Facades:Kalesinterflex® can be used extremely effectively in the cladding of ventilated exterior surfaces.

Interior Walls:Kalesinterflex® is an appropriate material for interior decoration for both floors and walls with its wide colour range as well as its stainless and non-flammable texture.

Furniture:It offers an aesthetic appearance on the surface of office and kitchen furniture.

Doors and Wardrobes:It can be applied on single piece doors and fitted wardrobes.

In Tunnel Costing:It can be used in covering the interior surfaces of tunnels and underground stations thanks to its flexibility.

Separation Panels:Laminated panels and separators can be manufactured using Kalesinterflex®.

Modular Construction:It can be applied in earthquake-resistant constructions built with light steel and load bearing structures.

Industrial Applications:Kalesinterflex can be used in industrial structures, refrigeration depots and in constructions where hygiene is extremely important.

Ship Interiors:It is appropriate for use in ships since it is a material unaffected by water and moisture and it is fire resistant which makes it suitable for fire exits.

Elevated Floors:It is an excellent material for use on elevated floors. Consultation is offered for application projects.

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