The Ceramic Sector is a branch of industry comprising mainly the sub-sectors of Ceramic Tile, Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Refractories and Raw Materials, which provide significant inputs for the construction industry.

The added value created by the Ceramic Sector, which uses a significant amount of domestic inputs, is very high.

With its U.S.D. $2 billion annual added value and exports of U.S.D. $800 million, the ceramic sector is one of the most established and basic industrial groups in our country. It can be stated that the manpower employed by the sector is approximately 200,000 people.

The Turkish Ceramic Sector, which started production in industrial sense in 1950s, has captured a rapid progress pace since 1980s. In parallel with the advances in the construction sector, in the last two decades, the number of firms manufacturing in the sector and output have increased rapidly. Currently, 24 manufacturers are operational in the tile sector.

Turkish ceramic sector currently exports to more than 100 countries in 5 continents.

EU countries like Germany and UK with high quality standards lead the countries we export to. Significant increase has occurred in our exports to the U.S.A. in recent years as well. Our most significant export markets are the U.K., U.S.A., Israel, Germany and Canada.

Turkey, is currently the fifth largest ceramic tile exporter in the World after Italy, Spain, China and Brazil.

Turkey exported 85 million square meters of ceramic tiles worth $ 314 million in 2003; 2004 exports reached 94 million square meters, with a value of $390 million.

In 2005, exports have remained at 89 million square meters due to the unexpected overvaluation of Turkish currency and the sudden increases in energy prices and other inputs. It is expected that if manufacturers and the government take the necessary steps, exports will reach and perhaps surpass 100 million square meters in 2006.

One of the most important export markets of Turkey is the U.S.A. Many of the Turkish producers are in the U.S. Market. They are participating in the Coverings exhibition to display their products and launch their newest tiles. In addition, the Turkish Tile Association is participating at Coverings show with their booth, promoting Turkish ceramics.

Turkey's tile exports to the U.S.A., which started with 900 thousand square meters totaling $ 4.25 million in the year 1995, reached 12 million square meters in 2005, a 12-fold increase of $48.3 million dollars.

Thank you very much to the CTDA members for helping us to promote our sales to the U.S.A.