More than 33,000 international and domestic visitors will soon descend upon Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center with high expectations to visit more than 1,200 exhibitors during Coverings 2007. On the following pages, TILE magazine readers will be privy to the latest offerings of several ceramic, porcelain and stone tile manufacturers, and what they will be showcasing during the four-day event.

Sand, earth, green fields and deserts are the inspiration for Revestimientos Lamosa, S.A. de C.V.’s newest addition to its ethnic series – The Cairo Collection. The series, which is available in four shades (Blanco, Verde, Rojo and Café), is offered in a variety of sizes, including 13” x 13”, 6” x 13” and a 6” x 6” tile. Circle 171 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

198 Canakkale Seramik

Canakkale Seramik

The RepTile collection designed for Canakkale Seramik & Kalebodur by Can Yalman Design showcases the natural textures found on snake and crocodile skins. Crocodile includes four varied sizes. Colors range from whites to greens. The Snake collection features rhombus-shaped tiles and is available in five palettes.Circle 198 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

194 Grupo Halcón Cerámicas

Grupo Halcón Cer

Undulated surfaces created by advanced digital processing mark Grupo Halcón’s newest additions – Manila and Palermo. The Manila series “transmits the warmth of wallpaper,” while the Palermo series imitates the sophistication of Rapolano marble,” the company says. Both are available in 31.6cm x 45cm and in three colors.Circle 194 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

174 B.A. Schmidt Arts & Enterprises

B.A. Schmidt Arts & Enterprises

Inspired by nature, mythology and classic fairy tale illustrations from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, B.S. Schmidt Arts president and artist Barbara Schmidt’s handmade porcelain relief tiles take on a unique look with additional carvings prior to being bisqued, glazed and fired. The hand-pressed 6” x 6” made-to-order tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Circle 174 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

199 Rex


MaTouche, produced through the use of Rex’s exclusive Twin Press technology, comes in textures that imitate leather, elephant and crocodile skins. The collection comes in large sizes, 24” x 24,” 8” x 24” and a 12” x 12” mosaic, and in three colors including the new Tabac Mou.Circle 199 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

164 Hakatai


The Carter Series of glass mosaic tile from Hakatai Enterprises Inc., which can be used in commercial, residential, indoor or outdoor settings, is offered in 43 colors, 27 standard blends and five standard gradients. Available as a 3/4” x 3/4” mesh-mounted sheet.Circle 164 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

162 GranitiFiandre


Making its debut to GranitiFiandre’s product line is the Platinum collection - characterized by a “shapes-in-motion” visual through iridescent three-dimensional check or triangular wave patterns. The collection is offered in four platinum-based shade. Coordinating complementary pieces are available with the 24” x 24” and 24” x 12” tiles.Circle 162 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

160 Ege Seramik

Ege Seramik

The latest addition to Ege Seramik’s ceramic tile line is the Imperial series. Created in collaboration with an Italian design team, each of tiles feature rustic, natural travertine characteristics indigenous to Turkey's Aegean coast. Offered in three colors (white, beige and brown), three floor tile sizes (18” x 18”, 13” x 13” and 6.5” x 6.5”), a 10” x 13” wall tile, and a mesh-mounted 13” x 13” mosaic sheet.Circle 160 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

152 Apavisa Porcelanico

Apavisa Porcelanico

New for 2007, Apavisa Porcelanico presents its Zebrano Collection – a new line that encompasses the design, color and texture of natural wood. With a low absorption level for longevity and durability, Zebrano is suitable for outdoor use.Circle 152 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

150 Dune


Dune introduces its Emphasis Collection. The modern-look of the series is obtained by incorporating small pieces of natural materials, such as stone, marble and glass. Emphasis is available in 10cm x 10cm, 7.5cm x 15cm, 10cm x 20cm, 10cm x 30cm and 30cm x 30cm sizes.Circle 150 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

148 Grespania


Grespania combined the beauty of wood and strength of porcelain to create its Escandinavia series. The large-format tiles (22cm x 90cm) are available in several wood-inspired shades, including: willow, abedul, pine, walnut, almond, cherry and chestnut. Complementary and mesh-mounted accessories are also available.Circle 148 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

146 Tau Ceramica

Tau Ceramica

TAU Ceramica presents its new Carbono Series from its Materia Collection. The 60cm x 60cm pieces are available in two finishes, natural and polished. Inspired by technologically advanced materials, such as those used in the aeronautical industry, Carbono generates geometric glints and shimmers from the micro-textures on its surfaces.Circle 146 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

142 Imolagres


Made to look like quartzite, AREA by Imolagres is a new porcelain tile series designed for many settings - from residential to commercial. The eco-friendly product is decorated with full body, dry colored powders.Circle 142 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

140 Cedir


Created using state-of-the-art technology, the Madrettera series by Cedir has been designed for longevity, the company says. The dry application system gives the product unique technical qualities, as the grains used are colored using the through-body technique. The collection is available in a range of seven colors.Circle 140 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

134 Naxos


Maxima, the latest introduction by Naxos, offers a range of natural surfaces and formats, including: 20” x 20”, 10” x 20”, 10” x 10”, 13” x 13”, 6.5” x 6.5”, and 3” x 6.5”. Complemented by a mix of mosaics, inserts, strips and edges, this line allows for unique installations in residential and commercial settings. Offered in four shades.Circle 134 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

138 Century


Columbus, the new porcelain stoneware series by Century, comes in four warm colors including Tan Desert, Forest Hills, White Rock and Old Earth. Available in three formats (18” x 18”, 9” x 18”, 9” x 9”), it is suitable for all surfaces including residential and commercial applications.Circle 138 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

130 Bisazza


Bisazza presents two new decorative ideas for walls, floors and other surfaces. Along with the Bisazza Mosaic 2007, rich in new colors and patterns, the company presents its new Glass Tiles collection, and the first series of composite decorations with intarsia glass slab material.Circle 130 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

128 Cerviva


Cerviva’s new Pietraluna collection is created on the press using a blend of pigments and a porcelain tile-body mix. Offered in 12” x 24”and 24” x 24” sizes and in six colors, the honed hematite gives the ultra-hard, acid-resistant surface a shine with “lunar” tints.Circle 128 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

120 Porcelanosa


The Venezia Collection from Porcelanosa has been designed to emulate the Old World look with the decorative look of silk scrollwork motifs. The paper-faced tiles measure 17-3/8” x 26”, and are available as rectified or matte.Circle 120 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

122 Creative Metalized Products

Creative Metalized Products

Creative Metalized Products’ wall tiles are manufactured using a proprietary process that involves several steps. As a result, products feature high luster, pattern depth, dimensional durability, minimal maintenance, and chemical- and UV-resistant surfaces.Circle 122 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

170 Marazzi Tile

Marazzi Tile

Forest Impressions from Marazzi Tile features ferns, fallen leaves, and lichen-strewn tree trunks on a slightly structured surface that replicates worn stones. Offered in coordinating glazed porcelain floor tiles (18” x 18” and 12” x 12”) and ceramic wall tiles (8” x 12”), and in three shades. The ADA-compliant line also includes glass and metal-look listelli.Circle 170 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

197 Floor Gres

Floor Gres

Mattech is produced with the double filling technology developed and applied by Floor Gres. The collection comes in large modular slabs in sizes 24” x 24”, 16” x 32”, 20cm x 80cm, 4” x 32”, 6” x 32” and a 12” x 12” mosaic. Its technical and textural features make it suitable for ventilated façades. Mattech is available in Matblack, Matbrown, Matgrey and Matgreen.Circle 197 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

195 Marazzi USA

Marazzi USA

Stone Collection from Marazzi USA is a smooth-surfaced color body porcelain tile that is available in large format, modular sizes. The collection is offered in three muted earthen tones and two mesh-mounted mosaics.Circle 195 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

132 Monocibec


M.ono the new series by Monocibec comes in two finishes: matt and metal glazed porcelain, and four sizes (20" x 20", 10" x 25", 26"x 26", and 13" x 26".  M.ono boasts eight colors: snow, sand, fog, coal (matte), chrome, brass, mercury and graphite (metal).Circle 132 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

172 Roca Ceramica

Roca Ceramica

Geo, with its delicate shading and tone use, utilizes the natural look of stone Roca Ceramica touts throughout its product line. The Geo series is available in 25cm x 40cm wall tiles, 31cm x 31cm floor tiles, listellos and borders, and in six colors including Azul, Blanco, Bambu, Gris, Marron, Wengue.Circle 172 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

124 Mediterranea


Indian Trace from Mediterranea uses a rich blend of natural colors and unique shading using rotocolor technology to create the line’s honed-finish stone look. This collection is offered in three sizes (6” x 6”, 13” x 13” and 18” x 18”), and available in five natural colors: ivory, cream, taupe, terracotta and noche. Indian Trace passes C.O.F. testing requirements for ADA, and is suited for residential and commercial spaces.Circle 124 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

200 Artemis


Artemis’ new impervious porcelain tile line Montecarlo replicates the look of crosscut travertine stone. Developed to complement today’s décor, eight rotocolors and state-of-the-art technology are used to create the diamond-shaped mosaic products. The line is offered in four colors. Complementary finishing pieces are also available.Circle 200 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

158 Diamond Tech Glass Tiles

Diamond Tech Glass Tiles

The Mosaic Series from Diamond Tech Glass Tiles features transparent, semi-opaque and opaque tiles that have smooth fronts and textured backs and miter-beveled edges. Suitable for residential, light commercial and commercial applications, the 1/8”-thick tiles can be used as either field tiles or as decorative inserts. Available in paper face 3/4” x 3/4” and paper-front mounted 12” x 12” sheets, and in a range of colors.Circle 158 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

168 Ilva S.A.

Ilva S.A.

Ilva S.A. has turned to nature for inspiration with its newest rectified series, Elementi. With its clean lines and a minimalistic style, the residential and light commercial use line is available with many accessory pieces, as well as 18” x 18”, 14” x 14”, 7” x 7”, 3.4” x 7”, 2” x 2” (mesh mounted), and 6” x 3.4” sizes. Offered in colors that represent the four natural elements, Elementi is offered in four colors, including Aqua, Aria, Fuoco and Terra.Circle 168 on the Reader Inquiry Card.