Steuler-Fliesen’s LED tile, one of its several products now offered with Valde Flooring.

Steuler-Fliesen has recently teamed with Valde Flooring, a full-line floor covering distributor that will feature the Steuler products at its New York location. The family-owned and operated Valde is a one-stop-shop for architects, designers, distributors and retailers, now representing German-based Steuler-Fliesen in the U.S.
“Valde Flooring excels in customer service and mindedness,” said Paul Heldens, ceo of Steuler-Fliesen. “Their commitment, professionalism and excitement for the Steuler products are key parameters for a long-term relationship.”

Bob Valderrama, president and owner of Valde Flooring, said that Steuler has already received positive responses throughout the U.S., and that the company’s tiles are installer friendly to architects. “We represent a successful company that is devoted to customers as we are,” said Valderrama. “Steuler-Fliesen produces tiles we feel comfortable supplying to our U.S. buyers.”