Crossvilletangos withBuenos Aires Mood, a new porcelain stone tile series paying homage to Argentina’s famous city and its people. Using Multistrato, the product was created for subtle shading (V3) and to flow from tile to tile within each colorway. Available in three textures for commercial and residential use, Buenos Aires Mood has the feel and slip-resistance of slate, and the look of polished and unpolished marble.Circle 190 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

International Wholesale Tile

International Wholesale Tile’sTesorocollection is natural stone for both residential and commercial installations. All IWT’s stone tiles are inspected for shade, the collection’s Pietra Antica program a V3 (medium) shade variation, according to the company. All stones are also inspected for excessive black or red veining and all defective tiles are removed.Circle 196 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

JSG Oceana

JSG Oceana’sAnnaBella Medallionis a glass tile medallion for wall and floor installations and applicable with marble, ceramic and natural stone products. AnnaBella is supplied as a set of pre-cut pieces for creating a design. The product is available in 36” by 36” dimensions and in Crazy Colors, Earthtones (shown here) and Shades of Grey.Circle 200 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Imagine Tile

Imagine TilepresentsCoffee Beans, a tile-infused image for home or business décor offering warmth, comfort and stimulation of fresh coffee. Available in durable tile, Coffee Beans has a commercial wear rating and is for indoor and outdoor installation. The product is suited for floors, walls and countertops, the company notes.Circle 194 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Azulejera Alcorense

Azulejera Alcorensehas taken the wraps off itsARA Gseries. Illustrated is A Taste of Glam, the eye-catching, 12” by 24” porcelain tiles surrounded with matching frosted crystal listellos, illuminating the space with metallic shine. Spain-based Azulejera Alcorense has recently expanded its business to Miami.Circle 188 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Roca’sArcticseries are 24” by 24” floor tiles with a dramatic sheen. A creator of ceramic and porcelain wall/floor tiles since 1980, Roca is the 5th largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the world, according to the company.Circle 184 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Bar & Lounge-type settings shimmer with the help ofOnix’sOpalo Blanco/Negro. Shown here as the bar’s surface is Opalo Blanco, 1” by 1” opalescent white glass mosaics contrasted by Opalo Negro, 1” by 1” iridescent black glass mosaics as the counter’s surface. Onix offers 14 different product lines for many mosaic combinations, the company notes.Circle 186 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Cemento ManhattenbyPorcelanosaare buff, beige 23” by 23” porcelain tiles. The featured photo aims at showcasing Cemento Manhatten’s versatility. The tiles along the floor continue seamlessly up the wall.Circle 180 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Tauhas unveiled theCarbonoseries, inspired by the effect and texture of carbon fibre. According to the company, Carbono generates tiny geometric glints and shimmers from its microtextures on porcelain. Carbono is designed in 60” by 60” pieces with two finishes, natural and polished, and is available in a graphite version.Circle 178 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Apavisa Porcelanico

TheLavaseries fromApavisa Porcelanico’sLava collection are available in polished, semi-polished, satin, natural and structured porcelain varieties. These technical and full porcelain tiles are appropriate for both walls and floors. Apavisa offers contemporary options for bathrooms, kitchens or pools with Lava, according to the company.Circle 172 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Gres Breda

New fromGres Breda’sMosaics Collection is theArlequinseries. The products are 3” by 3” cm, 4.7” by 4.7” cm and 9.7” by 3” cm tiles for bathroom, kitchen and exterior walls. Arlequin can fit the shape of any intricate space or object, according to the company.Circle 168 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Appiani’sLightcollection includes 4” by 4” glazed tiles measuring 4 millimeters thick. These tiles can be used to clad walls without demolishing the surface, says the company. Appiani is single-fired with a semi-gloss surface creating a wavy background effect.Circle 166 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Made of porcelain stoneware,Majorca’sKenyacaptures the look and feel of slate, but offers all the benefits of Italian style, according to the company. Kenya is available in five colors: ivory, beige, green, grey and savanna. This collection is suitable for floors and walls of public and private interiors.Circle 164 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Cerim’snew collectionBloomhas 16 different two-dimensional patterns. The product can be freely composed in a single uninterrupted design between the floor and the wall. Bloom is available in five colors: black, white and three warm new shades, presented in a single square tile 19” by 19”, with a 6” by 19” strip and a 2” by 2” mosaic (on net backing) coordinated in a single shade.Circle 162 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Ceramiche Di Siena

Tatamiis a new collection byCeramiche Di Sienathat takes its name from straw mats, which are traditionally used in Japanese homes as a floor covering. The collection is available in 24” by 24”.Circle 160 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Casa Dolce Casa

Casa Dolce Casa’sClays, the new Casamood collection, aims for a balance between the past and modern tastes. The warm shades of terracotta are offset by softer, lighter colors, the strength of stone, contrasting on one side with the natural colors of vegetation and on the other with the icy tints of the north. This porcelain stoneware collection comes in tiles measuring 16” by 16”, 8” by 16” and in the mosaic 2” by 2” in sheets of 12” by 12” mounted on mesh.Circle 158 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


Lea’sHaute Coutureoffers a stylish textured surface. It comes in neutral shades of white, brown, black and almond as well as a cool metallic tint. The collection comes in the following sizes: 12” by 24”, 24” by 24”, 1” by 24”, 2.4” by 24” and 8” by 48” formats.Circle 156 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Ege Seramik

Ege Seramikhas launched the Piel collection, a glazed porcelain tile series for floors, walls and trim. The collection is available in two sizes for floors, 18” by 18” and 13” by 13”, and two sizes for walls, 6” by 18” and 12” by 18”, with mesh-mounted 13” by 13” mosaic sheets. The Piel Collection’s leather/stone appearance comes in three colors: white, tobacco and mocha.Circle 154 on the Reader Inquiry Card.


AreabyMiragecaptures the look and feel of natural stone. It is a full-body porcelain and comes in five shades. The modular collection is available in 24” by 24”, 18” by 18” and 12” by 24” formats.Circle 148 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

Ilva S.A.

Ilva S.A.introducesLandscapes, a fully-rectified glazed porcelain collection inspired by Argentina’s pure, natural colors. Landscapes comes in three colors: Forest (chocolate), Beach (golden malt) and Meadow (greenish hue), with random shade variations from tile to tile. Landscape’s sizes include 20” by 20”, 10” by 20”, 14” by 14” and 7” by 7”, with mosaics in 3.4” by 3.4” mesh mounted on 14” by 14” sheets.Circle 198 on the Reader Inquiry Card.