Interest in Revestir has never been as intense as this year. For the first time manufacturers from Lebanon and India will be present at the show besides many others from Italy, Spain and South America.

Revestir management expects 30,000 visitors from 70 countries, and to generate U.S. $110 million for its national and international exhibitors.

Interest in Revestir has never been as intense as this year. For the first time manufacturers from Lebannon and India will be present at the show besides many others from Italy, Spain and South America. These foreign exhibitors will to make new international contacts and to open their 2007 season with new launchings. The return stands out in the showcase as well as the presence of their heavyweight representatives.

Italian designer Fabio Novembre.

Italian and Spanish products

Gardenia Orchidea, from Italy, will show 5 lines of products. The company will be present through Porcebras who represents the Italian company, and the Spanish brands Porcelanosa and Zircônio. The Italian company Edilgres-Sirio splits its porcelain tile production and experience with new materials among its three plants. Italy’s ornamental stone processing technology will be represented at the fair by Breton SpA, supplier of the most modern equipment for the cutting, molding and polishing of marbles and granites in the European market.

Brunette Fraccaroli, president of ABD.

Phoenician showcases

For the first time, Revestir will be attended by a company from Lebanon. Lebanese Phoenician Arts leads the creation of handmade marble mosaics utilizing the same technique used by the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines. Phoenician Arts production ranges from the reproduction of scenes found in archeological investigations to contemporary masterpieces and pieces of art of great complexity. A blend of art and innovation, the company carries talent in the cutting and molding of pieces in marble and semi-precious stones, which is a historical legacy of the Lebanese people, for the modern world of architecture, design and decoration. Visitors will have a chance to view the company’s murals, panels, decoration pieces and tailor-made projects.

India will showcase high-performance tiles

Euro Ceramics, from India, is a worldwide supplier of high-performance tiles to airports, hospitals and shopping centers. Its factory is located at Bhachau, in Gujarat state. Its products are certified by VJTI – Mumbai and Applied Consumer Services, Inc. from the United States of America.

The International Forum brings together international personalities such as the CEO from Sodimac, Chile.

A worldwide event

The high number of companies in attendance and the complete occupation of the show floor point to a huge success at Revestir 2007, which will show a great variety of solutions and technology for covering materials in South America. To be held March 13 to 16, 2007, Revestir is expected to draw 30,000 visitors from 70 countries, and is expected to generate U.S. $110 million in business. For more information,

Interest in Revestir has never been so great as its 5th edition, states Antonio Carlos Kieling, CEO of Anfacer and Revestir.

Ancillary events

Several events will be conducted in this week: Feicon-Batimat, Kitchen and Bath, 5th International Forum of Architecture and Building and the Meeting of the International ISO Committee for Ceramic Tile Standards. This committee will bring representatives from United States, Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Corea, Malasia, the Netherlands, Filipines, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, UK, Mexico and Brasil.

Exhibitors at Revestir 2007

ABD • Ace Export • ACIMAC • AE Dominus • Ambientes • Altivo • Allegra • Angelgres • Antigua • ASBEA • Atlas • AU • Bagno e Accessori • Banco do Brasil • Batistella • Bellinzoni • Biancogres • BNP Media • Braston • Breton • Building Canadá • Canadian Interiors • Casagrande • Casa Vogue • Castelatto • CBPM • CCB • Cecrisa • Portinari • Ceusa • Codise • Colcerámica • Colormix • Colortil • Corza • Cristofoletti • Chiarelli • Delta • Duragrês • Durafloor • Ecom • Edilgres • Elizabeth • Enaplic • Esmalglass • Eucafloor • Euro Ceramics • Fatto a Mano • Ferrovale • Giseli • Gyotoku • ICE • Icon • Image Flex • Incefra • Interfloor • Inti • Itagres • Jatobá • Kaltun Mining • Kolorines • Lef • Lineart • Lusimat • Marmolería Gallos • Mazza • Minasit • Mosaiclean • Mosarte • Mundo Cerâmico • Nardini • Navarti • Newton • NGK • Nina Martinelli • Pamesa • Pedra da Terra • Petrus • Phoenician • Pini • Pisoforte • Poliface • Porcebrás • Porto Ferreira • Porto Glass • Porto Velho • Portobello • Quilla • Said do Brasil • São Luiz • SCGÁS • Savane • Serrana • Servitech • Setti Design • Shield • Duratto • Siti • Smalticeram • Solarium • SRS • Strufaldi • Sumaré • Suport • Tecnoperfil • Tile Brasil •TILE Magazine• Tile UK • Torrecid • Tyrolit • Unigrês • Universal Stone • Vitrus.