In displaying stoneware, porous ceramics and bathroom furnishings, Teresa Sapey and Juli Capella will exhibit with Trans/Hitos 07: “Atmosferas” during Cevisama Feb. 6-10 in Valencia, Spain. Alicer’s team, the Department of Design and Architecture at the Institute for Ceramic Tile Technology, will also occupy space with Trans/Hitos.

Architect and interior designer Teresa Sapey, covering porcelain stoneware at Cevisama’s Atmosferas, is known for her work on the parking structure of the hotel Puerto de America in Madrid. Her other projects include famous retailer shops in Spain and across Europe, and the latest Casa Décor exhibitions in Madrid and Miami.

Architect, designer and writer Juli Capella has served as president of FAD and is the author of several books and articles. He will be heading the porous ceramic and bathroom furnishings at Cevisama’s Atmosferas.

Alicer’s architecture department will be in charge of extruded ceramic, glazed stoneware and terracotta and artisan tiles. Its trends department will head the Experimental Zone.

Supported by the Valencia government’s department of business, universities and and science, Trans/Hitos’ Atmosferas not only seeks ecological and environmental architecture, but aims for “universal designs” in catering to the needs of disabled people.