The forum brought together researchers, ceramic experts and manufacturers, focusing on innovation in the Brazilian ceramic tile industry.

To support the growth of its production, Brazilian manufacturers’ concern now is focused on innovation and design for the ceramic tile industry as a way to improve and sustain this huge industry in Brazil.

Mauro do Valle explains how innovation and design fit into the company’s strategic plan.

Design Forum

On December 4, the new A2D, Agency to Develop Ceramic Design, held the Second Forum of Ceramic Design, at Florianópolis, Santa Catarina state. “Our efforts are directed to creativity and innovation to create a Brazilian brand and we have to sum academic and enterprise efforts in order to achieve this goal”, said Orestes Alarcon, technical coordinator of A2D. Alarcon adds that this is an effort one company cannot do just by itself. The Forum brought important lectures about Organization for Innovative Companies, Innovation Proccess, and Managing Innovation in an Effective Way.

Mauro do Valle, superintendent of Portobello, talked about its company experience, where design and innovation are in the company strategic plan. The Forum also presented a information about world trends by Gamma Due, one of the most important research centers worldwide. Enzo Panebianco, a developer from Gamma Due, showed examples of how to develop new products from concept to marketing.

Orestes Alarcon, technical coordinator of A2D Agency, wants to improve design management and build the Brazilian brand.

ABC has a new president

José Lepri Neto, new president of ABC, the Brazilian Ceramic Association, intends to turn this 53-year-old association upside down. On 5th December in São Paulo State, he showed his ideas for the next several years. Its focus is technology and innovation as well. And Lepri wants to encourage all technicians, masters and doctors to work in Innovative technology for the industry. He points to the future: “There are many associations taking care of the day-to-day problems,” he stated. Lepri launched the Innovation Ceramic Prize, to merge academic knowledge into commercial needs. Adriano Lima, president of Anfacer, the Brazilian Association of the Ceramic Tile Producers, Cláudio Conz, president of Anamaco, the Brazilian Association of Retail Stores of Building Materials, were present and stated that this is a never before seen and very important effort in the sector.

Jose Lepri Neto from ABC, between Adriano Lima from Anfacer (left) and Cláudio Conz from Anamaco (right), states the importance of looking toward the future.

Revestir is on the way

Almost sold out, Revestir’s 5th edition is guaranteed to be a success. Show areas have grown, and this year the fair will be held at the same time as Feicon, a huge building fair. Kitchen & Bath Expo 2nd edition will also be held with Revestir, and will double its space in 2007. Antonio Carlos Kieling, Anfacer’s CEO, points that, as Coverings will be held in Chicago in 2007, visitors from Miami and Central America will have a very good opportunity to find nice products at Revestir 2007, which will take place March 13 to 16 in São Paulo.