Cevisama 07, one of the largest international ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings shows, is slated for Feb. 6-10 in Valencia, Spain and will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Another exhibition encompassing ceramic tile and surface products is Surfaces 2007, the grandiose extravaganza scheduled for Feb. 6-9 in Las Vegas, Nev. The following displays are some of the many new ceramic tile designs bound for Cevisama 2007 and Surfaces 2007.

194 Viva

Viva’sNouvelle Vagueis available in three solid colors: brown, black and white. It is a through-body porcelain tile with a surface reminiscent of cast iron. With geometric patterns to accommodate contemporary residences, Nouvelle Vague comes in two modular sizes: 8-by-24-inches and 24-by-24-inches.Circle 194 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

198 ABK

ShinebyABKis a new collection that imitates raku. It includes tiles that look as if oxidized and embossed with golden damask prints. The collection was produced by TRE (triple loading technology), a new ‘eco-friendly’ technology, notes the company.Circle 198 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

196 Etruria Design

Etruria Designhas made a 21st century statement withDigital. Each beveled tile contains a letter of the alphabet or a number and can be used to spell out words, addresses, or playful expressions at bars, hotels and residences.Circle 196 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

200 Ragno

Ragno’sannounces the Arkitessuto collection.Arkitessutodraws its inspiration from contemporary architecture and fashion, says the company. It is available in white, beige, black and platinum solid field tiles as well as five different patterns resembling woven wefts or embroidery.Circle 200 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

192 Naxos

SunsetbyNaxosis a new porcelain floor and wall tile collection. It features soft surfaces, warm colors and eye-catching decorations. Sunset is applicable for light commercial and residential buildings.Circle 192 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

188 Coem

Pietramixis a new series by the Italian manufacturerCoem. This porcelain tile collection imitates the look and feel of natural stone. According to the company, Pietramix adds an “elegant touch” to floor and wall applications.Circle 188 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

184 Novabell

TrevibyNovabellis a through-bodied porcelain tile. The collection has a stone-like surface created by mixing two colors and various textures. It is available in a wide range of formats including: 24-by-24-inches, 16-by-24-inches, 8-by-24-inches and 4-by-4-inches, a composition of three sizes along with Geometrie and Linee modules and the Elica module.Circle 184 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

186 Idea Ceramiche

Idea Ceramiche’sWaikikiis designed for bathroom and kitchen customization. It is available in a 10-by-13-inch size and a series of patterns emulating fabric colors and textures. The collection comes in a double fired wall tile and coordinating porcelain floor tile.Circle 186 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

190 Imola

AndrabyImolais available in 8-by-16-inch double fired tiles and 4-by-4-inch and 16-by-16-inch single fired tiles. This collection comes in six colors. The collection includes floral motifs that shine in polished glazes and are softened with sand-finish effects.Circle 190 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

182 Sant Agostino

Sant Agostino’snew collectionLaserreflects trends in metropolitan living and interior design. Mainly for floors, it is also suitable as a wall covering in unique installations. Laser is available in various sizes, including 18-by-36-inches and 24-by-24-inches.Circle 182 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

180 Diago

Diago’sIronseries is porcelain-made and imitates a rusty metal sheet. Iron is presented in three colors: Red, Black and Beige and under the 31.6-by-60- and 42.5-by-42.5-cm formats. According to the company, Iron offers a variety of laying, its complementary pieces ranging from silver and copper-colored strips to tiled units.Circle 180 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

178 El Molino

El Molino’shas introduced itsArteseries. Available in the 25-by-40-inch format, the wall tiles can be used for interiors, bathrooms and kitchens. A range of pieces and colors allow for personalizing the home in a variety of decorative styles.Circle 178 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

176 Exagres

ExagrespresentsStrato, inspired by the slate look. The product is manufactured with glazed extruded ceramic in white body stoneware. Combined with a wide range of special pieces, the Strato Series can apply to bathroom, kitchen, interior, exterior and façade details, notes the company.Circle 176 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

174 Halcon Ceramicas

Halcon Ceramicastakes the wraps off itsMidicollection. Each tile is unique and different from the other, according to the company. Midi can also be for kitchen use.Circle 174 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

172 Keraben

Kerabenunveils theMumbaiseries. The collection includes Otoman and Lino textures. Available in 33-by-60-, 33-by-33- and 16.5-by-60-cm, Mumbai is offered in white, green, beige, terra, graphite and mocha.Circle 172 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

170 Gaya

Gayabranches out itsForestcollection. Forest has a ‘wood texture’ appeal and is complemented by its porcelain composite’s durability and versatility, notes the company. The collection caters to a variety of surfaces, both interior and exterior.Circle 170 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

168 Ceramicas MYR

Ceramicas MYRhas added theDublinseries to its product line. The satin finish is made in neutral colors with various decorative pieces for contemporary and classic styles, says the company. The tiles shown are 30-by-45-cm.Circle 168 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

166 Saime Ceramic

Saime CeramicintroducesMatter, a new line of stoneware tiles that interprets the tonalities of earth washes. The series is produced in multiple colors and finished in hexagonal mosaics. Colors: Basalt, Concrete, Mattone, Sand and Cobalt.Circle 166 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

164 Ceramgres

Ceramgres’Vitrumcollection is born from the search for one innovative and contemporary decoration. The collection is available in 60-by-60, 20-by-60, 10-by-30, 10-by-20, 20-by-20 and 10-by-10-cm formats, and 5 colors.Circle 164 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

162 Alpha Ceramic

Alpha Ceramic’sAbsoluteis a new series inspired by a rare stone called Stone of Bedonia. Alpha Ceramic reproduces this natural stone in a collection with the colors brown, black and green. The collection is available in 15-by-15, 30-by-30, 30-by-60, 45-by-45 and 60-by-60-cm formats.Circle 162 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

160 Cisa

CisaArea Stoneis the first Cisagold collection; the prestigious brand in porcelain stoneware uses advanced technology and a careful design to interpret new concepts of living. The collection is available in 50-by-50, 25-by-50 and 12.5-by-50-cm formats.Circle 160 on the Reader Inquiry Card.