Cersaie 2006, A Showcase for Today’s Ceramic Tile Designs

The largest international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, Cersaie 2006 was held Sept. 26-30 in Bologna, Italy, with more than 1,000 exhibitors from 32 countries worldwide. More than 90,000 visitors converged this year in Bologna to witness first-hand the latest trends in ceramic tile design. Displayed here are some of the many new ceramic tile designs unveiled at Cersaie 2006.

168 Cotto D'Este

Bluestone Avantgarde, a new introduction from Cotto D’Este, is suitable for floors. These porcelain tile pavers come in three versatile lines: Pietra d’Irlanda, Pietra Chiara, Elite as well as a variety of sizes including 23.3” by 23.3”, 17.4” by 17.4” and 5.6” by 5.6”, skirting tiles and treads. Circle 168 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

178 Cottoveneto

Racconti is a new innovative collection by Cottoveneto. It is an original decorative system, consisting of four different product lines: Fabrics, Blooming, Paper and Wall. All are on rectified and modular technological stone, in a 12” by 24” format. Fabric wefts, precious perforations, embossed surfaces and street art take center stage in this series, which is ideal for any public or private environment. Circle 178 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

198 Edilcuoghi

Edilcuoghi has recently shined The New Light collection. Glimmering light on this interior space sets off shades of delicate tones, with three warm colours (Ivory, Cappuccino and Cinnamon), and three cold colors (White, Grey and Pearl). A choice of decorations, each featuring a unique expression of style and color, further enhances this collection. Circle 198 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

194 Colorker

Using its Tecktonia Digital Concept for ceramic tile decoration, Colorker’s new system represents a breakaway from traditional production techniques. This technology is applied to both the production and design processes. Colorker can creat tiles with greater definition and richer colors as well as unique designs. Circle 194 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

192 Gayafores

Gayafores’s Genesis series is porcelain stoneware and reproduction of trachyte stone. Warmth and simplicity are the sensations that Genesis brings to create unique spaces. The collection comes in sand, coral and cotto in the following sizes: 45” by 45” and 40”, 8” by 67” cm. Circle 192 on the Reader Inquiry Card

186 Marca Corona

The inspiration of Marca Corona’s Mon Amour is its floral decors, pastel hues, laces and crochets. Shade-on-shade colors decorate the space creating welcoming and warm interiors. Available in six different colors, white, ivory, yellow, pink, light blue and green, each featuring its own décor set, purposely studied to enhance each single color. Circle 186 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

188 Estilos Ceramicos S.L.

The Ecology Dimensions collection by Estilos Ceramicos S.L. uses the arrangement of embossed pieces to add balance and clarification to the overall effect, paying tribute to the basic shapes of architectural heritage. The wall tiles can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, interiors, exteriors, swimming pools and facades. Circle 188 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

190 Porcelanosa

Porcelanosa has taken the wraps off its ceramic Twin Cuero Camel designs. Porcelanosa provides a selection of styles ranging from classic to avant-garde designs, as well as more traditional rustic looks. The company uses a wide color palette and an extensive range of formats and finishes. Circle 190 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

184 Imola Ceramica

Imola Ceramica’s Andra occupies elegant color contrasts in material depths. Floral decors experience light in all its shades: they shine in bright glazes and dim with sandy finishes. The six colors in three sizes create a red and brown bouquet and strong black and white contrasts. Circle 184 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

182 Impronta Italgraniti

Impronta Italgraniti introduces Post. A colour-through porcelain stoneware, Post is a collection made up of six color tones with delicately glittering surfaces. It is dedicated to contemporary, high-tech consumers. Circle 182 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

174 Tau

The Daria Series is one of Tau’s latest new products of the Zen collection. The wall tile is real white limestone, adding different color for better combinations, matchings and settings. Size: 32cm by 90cm. Circle 174 on the Reader Inquiry Card

172 La Fabbrica

La Fabbrica’s Cathay is a through-bodied porcelain tile. Its rich blend of colors - from beige through yellow, brown and green - make this collection ideal for all applications. It has a unique graphic design, lending originality to any interior. The lapped finish gives floors an elegant touch. Circle 172 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

180 Mosaico Italiano

Mosaico Italiano has initiated a new line of glass mosaics. The company’s mosaics are available in multiple colors such as aqua, coral red and tan. Included with Mosaico’s product are options between tumbled and polished finishes and glass fusion with either stone, granite or metal. Circle 180 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

162 Gardenia Orchidea

Gardenia Orchidea’s new collection Pietra del Sole is available in a 13” by 13” format for floors and 10” by 16” and 5” by 16” for walls. It is offered in a wide range of colors, including green, beige, white, anthracite, mocha (field tiles); almond, orange, aubergine and aquamarine (gloss accents). The collection is complemented by a variety of specialty pieces and decorative trims. Circle 162 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

164 Panaria

Kult by Panaria is a glazed stoneware series available in 7 colors: Blue Night, Green Amazon, Grey Light, White Stone, Wood Land, Gold Mine and Red Oak, with formats ranging from the 6” by 6” to the 24” by 24”. The collection is ideal for floor or wall and intended for use in residential or commercial spaces. Circle 164 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

170 Elios

With its cool color palette and decorative pieces, Earth, by Elios, brings nature indoors. It comes in coordinating floor and wall tiles and a variety of sizes. The bathroom pictured is tiled with Earth 4-by-4, 8-by -8 Grey. The front wall features 8-by-8 Grey, 4-by-4 accent Falling Leaves and 1-by-4 listel Falling Leaves. 1-by-4 multi-format, multi-thickness grey mosaics decorate the secondary wall while 18-by-18 Antracite matching tiles were installed on the floors. Circle 170 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

166 Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde’s Glow is a new project for residential and commercial interiors, featuring a very thin iridescent texture, inspired by chic wallpaper. Available in 23.6” by 23.6”, 12” by 23.6” and 6” by 23.6”. The decors range from mesh-mounted mosaics to full tile decors with optical and damask motifs. Glow is also an eco-friendly product and has received the Eco-label certification. Circle 166 on the Reader Inquiry Card.