Roca presented its Shellstone series from the Rock & Rock collection. Shown here is a stoneware floor tile, perfect for any room in the house, including exterior spaces.

Tile manufacturers lined the aisles of this year’s Cersaie show in Bologna, Italy, held from September 26-30, and made time to sit down with Tile of Spain representatives to talk about the latest from the nearly 90 ceramic tile manufacturers showcasing their products at the show. With so many new ceramic tile adaptations, such as tiles taking on the look, feel, and performance of stone and metal, the ceramic tile industry has most definitely entered a new realm where possibilities are limited only to the reach of the imagination. Editors were certainly interested in the new products and ideas from the Tile of Spain manufacturers that were represented.

An impressive 90 of Tile of Spain’s branded manufacturers came to Cersaie ready to display their achievements for 2006, including Rosa Gres, Onix Mosaico, and Inalco. Along with innovative ceramics taking on the topical properties of sheen metals, a hot topic at his year’s show was the ceramic tile industry’s continuing commitment to perfect the science of merging the durability of ceramic with the beauty and tradition of wood floors, a trend increasingly in demand with regards to commercial spaces where there is heavy foot traffic and for those floor spaces prone to dampness.

Onix has always followed the inspiration of avant-garde design with specific attention to modern lines with a wide chromatic range. This particular mosaic from Onix features a vast range of hues that bring a modern feel to this age old tradition of glass tile work.

Some highlights of the show were the unveiling of new Arctic, Millennium and Copperstone collections from Roca. Most tiles from all 3 collections are compliant with U.S coefficient of friction requirements. Tau was also extremely successful at this year’s show with their introduction of the TAU Metallica collection, designed to look identical to steel. Tau is the front-runner in the metallic tile trend arena.

Javier Sorvano, Head of the Foreign Trade and Export Department for ASCER (The Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers) was present representing Tile of Spain, as was White Good & Co. Advertising. President of White Good, Sherry Qualls, and Vice President of Public Relations, Beth Berdofe White met with editors in the press room from a mix of consumer and trade publications about a number of new products as well as innovative new technologies just now breaking into the ceramic tile consumer mainstream. Exciting feedback sparked from all those who spoke with White Good & Co, with many potential editorial opportunities now stirring up for 2007.

“We are thrilled with the forward progress that the Spanish Tile Manufacturers have made with regards to advancement in innovation over the last few years, all while still continuing their tradition of beauty and style,” remarks Sherry Qualls, President of White Good & Co. “2007 should prove to be a year where innovation becomes a solid cornerstone of the brand as a whole.”

Tile of Spain’s ceramic tile branded manufacturers have proven that for 2007 they fuse unmistakable style with the very latest in innovation, so that whether a homeowner is thinking of freshening up a bathroom by dressing it in bright and colorful floor to ceiling contemporary tiles, or a builder is considering the benefits of outfitting a modern high-rise with ventilated facades, Tile of Spain has the ability to create dream designs.