While much of the Gulf Coast region is still recovering from the homes and lives lost by Hurricane Katrina, there are signs of significant rebuilding thanks in part to the Tile Partners for Humanity (TPFH).

In partnering with Habitat for Humanity, TPFH issued a request for materials, labor and training for housing projects in early 2006, donating tile for over 90 Habitat homes in six communities that are currently underway. The communities include Jackson, Miss., Bay St. Louis, Miss., Gulfport, Miss., Gautier, Miss., New Orleans, La. and Houston, TX. Industry partners Crossville Inc., Laticrete, Hardibacker, Orchid Ceramics, Dal-Tile and many others occupy a collective goal of tiling 285 homes in 2007.

“We have people there that were affected by the storms, people who themselves are involved in rebuilding on a very personal level.” Laticrete North American president Ed Metcalf said. “We’re committed to rebuilding so that all of the people on this historic and beautiful place can come home and help it to regain its strength and vitality.”

Other projects TPFH took on this year included St. Petersburg, Fla., Bentonville, Ark. and most notably, Jacksonville, Fla. Crossville, Master Tile and Creative Touch Interiors supported Habitat’s affiliate “HabiJax” in building 30 homes in Jacksonville, donating a total of 54,500 square feet of tile.

“When Katrina hit …we could not return to our homes for three and half weeks … but these things are minor compared to the people who had nothing to come back to,” said New Orleans resident Scott Nalesnik. “The joy that [volunteers] are bringing on the Gulf Coast to families who have lost everything is impossible to explain.”

TPFH invites others to help with upcoming projects. For more information, contact (770) 416-0200 orally@tpfh.com.