Ecotech Line Made with 100 Percent Recycled Material

"Ecotech," an eco-friendly collection from Floor Gres, is available in a wide range of formats, colors and textures.

Last month, Cersaie, the world's largest international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, took the industry by storm. Italian tile manufacturers introduced an array of state-of-the-art collections that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but technologically advanced and eco-friendly. Reduce, reuse, recycle is the name of the game. Topping the charts is a "Ecotech," a new sustainable series by Floor Gres.

"Ecotech" is the first porcelain tile produced at the industrial level that reuses the powders, pastes and residues from the manufacture of other products. The result is a new composite material with a textured design, in which the chips and grains are aggregated to create an original mélange effect.

The innovative collection is available in four colors: Ecogreen, Ecogray, Ecoblack and Ecolight and two surface finishes: natural and textured. It comes in a wide range of formats including: 8"-by-8', 16"-by-16", 16"-by-32", 32"-by-32" and 23.6"-by-47", making it an ideal solution for any contemporary space.

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