If you like the ease and convenience of this 2007 TILE GOLD BOOK when it comes to locating and sourcing anything tile, you’ll love the all-new online version located atwww.tilemagonline.com!

Just like the printed version you are now holding, the online GOLD BOOK helps you locate the companies you need, but with the lightning speed of electronic search. Coupled with the lookup speed, the online GOLD BOOK lets you see products and even spec sheets – online, and can instantly link you to the thousands of company websites. And just like the print version, you get access to all the manufacturers, products, distributors, agents, schools and seminars, associations and trade shows, to instantly connect you to your world of tile.

You will want to keep this issue handy on the desktop as a quick and easy tile industry reference and buying tool. For those who are more comfortable online, go to the TILE website,www.tilemagonline.com; click on GOLD BOOK Resource Guide, or towww.tilemagonline.com/goldbook, and save it to your “Favorites” for an easy-to-use, searchable, online version that’s always updated.

If you are an industry supplier and need us to update our GOLD BOOK with your more current contact information, please call, fax or send an e-mail tojohnsonp@bnpmedia.comand we’ll see that your changes are quickly updated online.

At TILE Magazine, we understand that your time is “gold” and to let you make the most of it, the TILE GOLD BOOK helps you find it fast – in print or online.

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