AssoMarmoMacchine is considering creating an Italian stone district in Xiamen/Shui-Tou, China (pictured here).

In a recent project approved and co-financed by the International Commerce Ministry, the Italian association of natural stone (AssoMarmoMacchine) and its training branch the International Marble Institute (ISIM) met in Rome to create an industry district in China to strengthen its Italian techno-stone companies.

Placed within the area of a potent Asian market will help these small to medium sized Italian companies get a foothold on their competitors, according to AssoMarmoMacchine. Plans call for the district to be located in Xiamen/Shui-Tou, an important stone area in the Fujian Province which processes and transits about 70 percent of China's stone exports.

The association called the area "an ideal place for headquartering business and production that could be a winner for a future Italian stone district, too."