At least two installation products manufacturers have launched new technologies designed to drastically reduce the amount of dust created by using their products. MAPEI said the Dust-Free Technology is available in a reformulation of one of its popular mortars. Additionally, Mer-Krete Systems noted that it has launched a dustless thin-set mortar.

MAPEI said its reformulated Ultraflex 2 mortar featuring Dust-Free Technology is designed to reduce the amount of dust generated during the production, pouring, mix and use of the product by 90 percent. The company noted that it plans to use the new technology in other MAPEI products as well.

Rainer Blair, president and CEO of MAPEI Americas, said the new technology is designed to create a healthier jobsite. “We feel that Dust-Free Technology will enable us to provide our extended family of customers with a cleaner jobsite environment,” he said.

Mer-Krete’s Dust-Less Thin-Set technology is engineered to significantly reduce dust production as well. The technology is featured in the company’s new 7d10 Dust-Less Thin-Set mortar. A release from the company stated that the product features “80 percent less dust than ordinary thin-sets” and provides “improved air quality, healthier working conditions … and faster cleanup.”

Additionally, the product has been formulated to spread easily and evenly, cure quickly and offer outstanding bond strength, the company added.