Thousands of guests join the commemoration of MAPEI’s 70th anniversary in Milan, the city that saw the company’s birth in 1937.

MAPEI returned to its Italian roots as it marked its 70th year in business. Key moments in the company’s history, and recognizing everyone who has been involved with its continual growth were acknowledged during the weeklong celebration that took place in Milan. On the agenda were exclusive theatrical performances in historical venues, visits to the company’s three Italian headquarters buildings, research facilities and manufacturing plants.

Started in 1937, MAPEI’s roots begin in Milan’s Bovisa district from an idea by Rodolfo Squinzi, the company’s founder. From a small family business, it developed into a multinational company that operates in all the world markets producing adhesives, sealants and chemical building products. Currently, it employs more than 4,800 people on five continents.

The company says a number of key elements in the firm’s corporate philosophy have allowed the MAPEI Group to grow, including: specialization; internationalization; research and development; personalized customer service; team work; careful management of human resources; sustainable development of its operations; and attention to the installers’ and consumers’ health.