Fully sponsored by MAPEI Corp., the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) Contractor Safety Program has tailored its program to meet the specific needs of tile contractors.

The program is an annual subscription and is available to NTCA Members at a reduced rate. The subscription includes: monthly safety topics; worker safety policy; Safety Committee recommendations; drug-free work place policy outline; safety violation policy, interview, and tickets; safety awards outline and suggestions; and OSHA’s quarterly newsletter.

In addition to the first year subscription, NTCA is offering a second year subscription at a reduced cost that includes: 12 new safety topics for monthly meetings; two supplemental issues for personal or home safety concerns; and safety award certificates and hard hat stickers.

For more information and pricing, contact NTCA executive director Bart Bettiga at bart@tile-assn.com , or NTCA membership director Bob Brown atbob@tile-assn.com, or phone (601) 939-2071.